Season’s Greetings and enjoy our Brand New Christmas Carol Video Ft. Rhett & Link, Grace & Mamrie and Jamie Oliver”
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Welcome to our Big Night In… something brand new for you as we cook together and leave a seat at the table for you!

This week… it’s fried chicken on the menu! The golden spiced crunch followed by the succulent steaming chicken… and we’ve served ours with a vibrant mango slaw and crispy paprika sweet potato chips.

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  1. where can I buy buttermilk from? I love buttermilk chicken but i dont really know where to get it from

  2. Might sound weird but I would date a chocolate digestive biscuit pretty sure it's one of my favorite foods…

  3. My favorite part of filming apart from the food is watching th flour, spices or in this case the slaw fall across the screen. Feels like I'm being showered in whatever is being thrown

  4. "In each of these episodes, two of us cook up something awesome to share."
    Do you mean "One of us and Ben cook up something to feed the other pigeons."

  5. This series really reminds you that food connects and brings together people. It's something as fun as it is powerful – Often times in the cafe I work at what we love eating is how we start to converse and bond, and many times we held pot lucks! Big night in has the exact same feeling 😀 Good food & best mates 🙂 Thanks sorted food.

  6. i didnt have any mangoes (out of season) so i used peach and clementines instead and oh my lord was it delicious.

  7. you guys should try fried chicken with biscuits and gravy my grandma made it every sunday its very tasty , also wanted to say i just recently found your channel and i love you guys

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