Hi, I’m your Resident Chef and Health Foodologist, today I show you how to make delicious Double Dark Chocolate Tonic Brownies. They are gluten-free, sugar-free, and Paleo-friendly.


Eat Toxin-free!

Angie’s healthy, delicious recipes are always gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free and usually grain-free, too. Sometimes raw, vegan, vegetarian and paleo!

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  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment. Clearly, there is no sugar in this recipe. Raw organic honey is not sugar. It is a naturally occurring whole food alternative sweetener with a plethora of health benefits. If you are diabetic, insulin resistant, have candida, or prefer not to consume anything with fructose in it, try the recipe without any honey or with reduced honey and let us know how it comes out. You may also sub homemade date paste if you feel more comfortable only consuming fruit. 🙂

  3. The glycemic index of the honey this woman added to the brownie mix is higher that if she used ordinary table sugar. The brownies are therefore, NOT sugar free.

  4. The recipe doesn't claim to be low glycemic. It simply says sugar free. Sugar, a white crystallized highly refined toxin, is nowhere to be found in my recipes. Therefore, the recipe is sugar free. Also, any of my recipes can have more or less raw honey in them. Raw honey is a naturally occurring, health benefacting substance that happens to be sweet. As long as you don't have an insulin problem, candida, cancer, or other fructose-related health challenge, it is a great sweet whole food.

  5. Sugar does not only pertain to what you call "a white crystallized highly refined toxin". Maybe you can say "white refined sugar-free" lol, but definitely this recipe is not sugar-free. Sugar comes in many form. Although honey is not in itself "sugar", it contains glucose and fructose which are basically sugars… Anyways good luck on your channel and hopefully you will label your videos more accurately next time! 😉

  6. In my world, whole food, nutrient-dense sweeteners are in a separate category than sugar, despite the fact that they contain fructose. This is due to their overwhelming medicinal-like effects on the body and the fact that I believe science has yet to catch up to the wisdom of the body and my intuition. Consuming raw unfiltered honey or TRUE grade B/C maple syrup (not available in supermarkets) or whole fruits is eating super foods. The synergistic effect of all the proteins, amino acids, minerals, fibers, vitamins, and yes FRUCTOSE, among other things, has a healing effect on the body…even stabilizes blood sugar. 

  7. How many chronically ill patients are you paid to prepare food for? How many doctors do you collaborate with to ensure that the person you prepare food for is receiving the appropriate nutrient composition to SURVIVE a life-threatening disease? If so, what kind of medicine are those doctors practicing? Where is your website explaining your personal philosophy on food sourcing, food preparation and nourishment (link)?  Where are your your youtube videos (link)?  If you can't provide an answer to all of these, then please don't throw stones in my house. If you disagree with my personal food philosophy, that is fine. We are all different. I respect that not everyone shares my opinions and beliefs. But I will continue to stand up for what I believe in even though it may seem unorthodox and different from what the masses and possibly you believe in. I will continue to do things how I see fit, despite the bullying and mean-spirited criticism that people post in anonymity. I will continue to defy conventional methods of food preparation and dietary dogma because it is my God-given right and Gift. 

  8. Hey, Any other home chefs or food lovers here want to swap recipes? I would absolutely love to try new recipes and even join forces on new ones…let me know!

  9. I am definitely going to try this! Omg, so yummy looking. Can you please tell me how you made your video Intro, with the fruits and veggies flying around?

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