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The author Livia

Crossfitter, Blogger, World's Pickiest Vegetarian, Ninja in Training, Vampire Slayer. Blue is my favourite color. It's also the only color.


  1. I love your feast with friends vids Wayne! It's awesome you make the time to meet with subscribers! Come to Australia and do a fwf here!!


  2. Wayne now you know I love you. But if you ever say you like nuts and sausage in your mouth I'm going to be highly upset with you.. deuces!!

  3. Some people just troll to get a rise out of everyone, who am I to say but wayniacs should ignore trolls, why let him her have fun?

  4. Good video man and keep it up… I wonder how you expand your stomach and how many calories you make per day when u are on diet, if u are on diet?

  5. I would have dipped into 17 wo hop down the stairs and got some steamed dumplings and egg rolls. Never been to 212 steakhouse but my recent favorite spot is royal 35. What does that kobe go for? Looked awesome

  6. Dude its Nate Figs!!!!! I got the inside info. Can't wait until he takes you know who down a peg. What a day it will be!!!!!!

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