We gave ourselves a FULL FACE (half face???) of cheap (or at least “affordable”) drugstore makeup and luxurious (and WAY too expensive) high-end makeup to see the difference – and we have a LOT of questions.

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It’s the ultimate face-off – literally. Today on Beauty Break, Joslyn & Lily test a full face of cheap & expensive makeup products to see if going high end is REALLY worth all that $$$. It turns out there’s a lot of luxury versions of makeup products that are too extra for their own good. Seriously y’all – GOLD mascara wands? CHANEL oil blotting sheets? WHO IS BUYING THESE?!?! (Besides us for your viewing pleasure.)

The results won’t you surprise you – but maybe the real makeup lesson was all the friends we made along the way…

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Serum –
EXPENSIVE: Elizabeth Arden Serum Capsules
CHEAP: ELF Hydrating Serum

Foundation –
EXPENSIVE: Giorgio Armani Foundation
CHEAP: L’Oreal Paris Mix & Match Lumi Glotion

Bronzer/Blush Contouring Kits –
EXPENSIVE: Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact
CHEAP: Maybelline Contouring Kit

Mascara –
EXPENSIVE: Hourglass Mascara & Wand
CHEAP: CoverGirl Lash Blash Fusion

Lips –
EXPENSIVE: Chrisitian Louboutin Lipstick
CHEAP: Nyx Lip Gloss

Oil Blotters –
EXPENSIVE: Chanel Oil Blotting Sheet
CHEAP: Cleansing Care Natural Oil Tissues


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  1. You guys should switch makeup routines and only use the products that the other person would use

  2. why does lily act scandalized by everything all the other girls say like shes Jim from the office looking direct to camera to confirm the ridiculousness of what has just been said when SHE'S the insincere and stuck up one, who is only marginally smarter than the other girls and not even remotely as funny or likable? that pisses me off every video!

  3. I want the FRIENDS shirt!!!!
    Maybelline contour kit is pretty Terrible. That's the only contour kid I have

  4. I literally have every single one of the expensive things and I think those are cheap my friend thought I was crazy when I asked her how to use the cheap things she has I literally hate her makeup

  5. anyone else have issues with the synching of audio and video. I always do with their videos but not with other youtubers.

  6. I love the hell out of you guys, this show and everything.
    the only thing making me sad is your drugstore/ cheap make-up is actually considered high end where we live .. the 4$ NYX could cost me around 3-400 EGP :')

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