In this edition of Martha’s Cooking School, Martha Stewart demonstrates how to make, season, and plate fluffy, non-stick scrambled eggs.

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  1. After years of making awful, over-mixed eggs leeching liquid from adding milk or water, this is it. This is the only scrambled egg video you'll ever need. All the other videos on Youtube are too long and are full of empty promises.

  2. You don't need anything but butter…which is basically cream. It always kills me when I hear people say not to add cream as they toss a nob of butter in the eggs.

  3. Everyone saying the eggs are undercooked seem to have completely ignored the part about using a heated plate. That's because they keep cooking after removing from the pan. And if the plate is heated, it will continue the process without overcooking. She didn't say it just because she likes to have her raw salmonella eggs, while feeling the warmth of a hot plate in her hand folks.

  4. I know a lot of diners and chefs in general cook eggs like this but I know personally for me and many other people we like our browned and not runny

  5. Hmmm…needs a little extra cooking time, and I like a little whole milk to make them just a little lighter. Get some buttered toast or an English muffin on there. And don't forget the bacon, you fairies!

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