Manila is a city that has a bad reputation. Once known as the Pearl of the Orient, it is now a city with many divisions, where security guards, barbed wire and fences guard against their fellow inhabitants. A city tourists shy away from despite most other Asian cities currently experiencing a tourism boom. I have loved exploring cities ever since I was very young. I’ve always felt that so called ghettos and slums were never as dangerous as the wealthier and middle class residents, and the nightly news reports made them out to be.

Later as I traveled the world I always made a point of exploring some of the poorer neighborhoods of whichever city I visited, whether in Paris, Osaka, Philadelphia, or the favelas of Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. Of course crime and social problems do exist, but a city can decide to turn it’s back on it’s fellow poorer residents or it can engage them. We have seen this happen in American cities where fear almost destroyed cities like New York and Philadelphia, where crime was devastating in the 70s and 80s, but they rebounded and now they are very safe cities. Other cities like Cleveland and Detroit in America for instance, never recovered from the fear and people and businesses abandoning the city for the suburbs or for other Sunbelt states. I see similar patterns repeating themselves in other global cities like Manila, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Many times the issues rooted with these cities is not a governmental problem, nor even necessarily an economic problem (Manila is an extremely wealthy city by Philippines standards and the Philippines as a whole is growing very fast), but a societal/sociological problem.

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  1. What I really hate about Philippines, there is a huge gap between middle class and upper class, this is exactly what you see in the video. it is sick to see rich people feels they are better and so controlling. White Filipinos think they are better than dark skin Filipinos, even though the original Filipinos are dark, which present pride of pinoy, they dont have in their family the blood of the countries who colonize Philippines. DARK SKIN IS PRIDE ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.
    For me personally I dont really care; because we dont have this mentality in Egypt. my mother is white and my father is dark skin, but we never understood this mentality of people who think white is superior than dark. A typical American mentality.


  3. dude,, that was not the slum of Manila. have you ever even been near the slum area? change the name on this video. I Love Philippines

  4. Hhhmmm… I'm not sure how you define "slum" from where you came from but that neighborhood isn't "slum" by PH definition at all.

  5. To much action going on on same time. You move the camera whole the time to fast. Hurting my eyes man. Almost getting squint

  6. You are brave. Go to paete laguna film there go down Acac street. I wanna see how my moms house is doing.

  7. I lived in Manila from 1987 to 1989, just after the People Power Revolution. I found Filipinos to be universally friendly, gentle people, who deserved a better fate. That they are especially welcoming to Americans, their former colonial masters, never ceased to amaze me. There were at that time even worse districts than this one, very flimsy housing without basic sanitation, a few of which I visited. Maybe I was naive, but I never felt threatened, even while riding a bicycle around the city. Not an easy place to visit, but worth it for the people.

  8. MANILA IS VERY DIVERSE. Densely populated but Manila is very very interesting knowing it has been a major city in the country for hundreds and hundreds of years

  9. the weather, the houses, paint, roads, guy with cart shouting foods, internet cafe so much like jakarta neighbourhood, some alleys are humid and cold sometime smelly

  10. lols it's not illegal to film there.. the traffic enforcer probably is doing some corrupt shit and thought that you are filming him

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