Expensive Restaurants

Expensive Restaurants

Hawks Cay Marina Villa Drive, Stunning Views 305-395-0814

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Marina Villa Villages at Hawks Cay, 6011
Marathon, FL 33050
$447,000, 2 bed, 1.0 bath, 780 SF, MLS# 573179

Breathtaking views await you at this 2 bedroom, 1 bath townhouse on the Marina Villa side of Hawks Cay Resort. Couple this with all of the prestigious amenities an owner can take advantage of by placing it within the rental program at Hawk’s Cay Resort, which is optional. Inquire about investment potential and take advantage of the best of both world.

Purchase a vacation villa at Corner Unit Marina Villa, Walking distance from the Resort. Enjoy the Pool, Restaurants and Bar, Spa and Fitness, conference centers for group celebrations and corporate events, friends and family getaway and wedding events.

Corner Unit Marina Villa, Duck Key, walking distance from Hawks Cay Resort, enjoy all the amenities available to you and your guests. Watch Dolphins Jumping while having your coffee at the Resort. Open Water views of the turquoise water and expensive boats passing by. Preferred Rental Program, rental income will be provided upon request from interested buyer.

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Lela Ashkarian, Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate Co.

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Expensive Restaurants


Here are the top 10 places to see in Bali. Indonesia is an amazing country and is a must visit place if you are traveling around Southeast Asia. I talk about everything from surfing, waterfalls, the nightlife and where you in find everything from kuta, seminyak, canggu to ubud!




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Great nightlife spots to check out:

Kuta: Skygarden nightclub, Vi Ai Pi (live music), Apache (reggae bar)
Seminyak: La Favela, Potato Head, Mrs Sippy, Motel Mexicola
Canggu: Old Man’s, The Lawn, Pretty Poison


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Expensive Restaurants

#130. Gringos Gone WILD in Tlaquepaque (Living in Guadalajara, Mexico)

It’s Megan’s 1st time in Mexico. We make her try tequila, mazapan, and elote, among other crazy things.
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For my sister’s first time in Mexico, we decided to take her to Tlaquepaque. While in this fun city, we show her a few firsts, including chile relleno, agua fresca, elote/esquite, shots of tequila, and De La Rosa Mazapan candy.

If you’re looking for things to do in Guadalajara, Mexico, this is a great place to go. It’s only about a 30-minute drive from the center of Guadalajara as well. We thought there would be no better place to go than in this city because there is the best food in Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

The most desirable, “el centro” part of Tlaquepaque is not very large and you can easily explore most of it in a day. While living in Guadalajara Mexico we plan to come back here often for what we believe is the best elote in Mexico. Make sure to go on an empty stomach, or you might not have room for all the delicious food available in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

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Things to do in Crete Greece |Chania Agia Marina Elafonissi Beach 2018

Things to do in Crete, Greece around Chania, Heraklion, and the best beach in crete Elafonissi Beach, and Agia Marina Beach. Spent a couple days here before boarding my ferry to Island hop to the rest of Greece. I Hope you find these tips and advice on traveling in Crete Greece!

Waves by Joakim Karud @joakimkarud
Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs


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Expensive Restaurants

ROME || Ep 1 || COLOSSEUM visit, great COFFEE and legit PIZZA!

Rome’n Around

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Here kicks off our Euro trip with our new little travel buddy! Zion follows us as we travel through Rome, trying our hand at some Italian classics! He loves everything, but do we? Here in this episode we go for some classics – coffee, pizza and a family run trattoria, mixed in with numerous sights (they really never ended!) and hopefully the ratings will help you guys if you have limited time!

This is just the beginning – can’t wait to show you guys all we got up to!

La Casa Del Caffe Tazza D’oro

Via degli Orfani, 84, 00186 Roma RM, Italy (right next to the Pantheon)

A little bit of an institution in Rome, this cafe is like a well run bar – pumping out coffee, classic standing bar seating, perfect espressos. The coffee granita is an awesome treat here (especially in summer), but the normal coffees themselves are also awesome. Tip, it’s busy and there’s tons of tourists as it’s right by the Pantheon – you can’t miss it. Give it a shot (literally!)


Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Yes, it’s crowded, like every site in Rome (seriously, it’s crazy) but we loved it. We paid for an express entry, and it helps to go in a tour group as it’s slightly less chaotic, you get in faster and you learn a little something something too! Do your research before you get there as you’ll be attacked by tour guides once you arrive and it’s easy to get ripped off!

Li Rioni

Via dei Santi Quattro, 24, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Awesome little pizza place – apparently gets crazy busy as the night goes on with its one little woodfire oven, so we went early! The pizzas are huge, legit and just delicious. You see tons of Italians here too which is a good sign! There’s so many places to get good pizza in Rome that you’ll often just look for one close to where you are, so this one is pretty close to the Colloseum!

La Tavernaccia Da Bruno

Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 63, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Beautiful family run trattoria, where the food just reflects it. Homely, comforting and the service is much more friendly than many. You feel like you’re in someone’s dining room, and the experience is really nice! We got some woodfired brisket (delicious but almost tasted like roast pork!) and an incredible handmade ragu pasta. We also tried our hand at some mixed bruschettas which had some interesting toppings! Loved it.

Still got so much more to show you!

Rome continues soon!

Uel & Shannelle

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A Weekend in Taipei (2013) – How Anthony Bourdain Inspired Me

After the recent passing of travel legend Anthony Bourdain, I take a look back at a trip from 5 years ago that he largely inspired me to embark on. All we can do now that he is gone is to keep traveling and telling our own stories.

R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain.

** Music credits **
(In order of appearance)

“Ones and Threes” – Kick the Robot
“Sinker” – Kick the Robot


“Lotus Lane” by The Loyalist – Preconceived Notions
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Music promoted by Audio Library

“All In My Fridge (Cosmonauts Remix)” – Shindu

“Peace of Mind” – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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our car ran out of gas in a ghetto of Belize


Watch Daniel’s vlogs here:

The Story: This story entails a night in Belize (which also encompasses my trip, Hectic yet blessed). It starts in Punda Gorda. On the most southern tip of Belize. Where I was attending a basketball camp for the youth that lived in the ghetto of that area (basically all of Belize). My teams (team of 20 people, split into 3 cars) plan was to leave at 8pm & drive 4 hours to our final destination with one stop in Silk Grass for gas (one hour from our destination) as it was stated by a friend (shabba)(yes im calling you out) that they would have a 24 hour gas station. Well guys. I can tell you.. that was false. We started our journey with no hiccups & a “short” food stop at this very sketchy restaurant on the side of a main road lit with nothing but the lamps on our cars. After the hour “short stop” we finally got back on our way at about 10pm. In my van there were 4 people. One a Belizean native (knocked out from the tiring day), an ex Professional basketball player who played overseas (my bodyguard) also knocked out & a Canadian native who recently moved to Belize for mission work (the driver). I made the horrible decision that night to sit shotgun. Little did I know. This job entailed a few things on the small print that I clearly neglected to read such as: no sleep, GPS liaison, designated defense system from attacks, not getting us killed, and Music duty. As we made our way down the pitch black road myself and the driver, Umar, were having a great time talking to each-other about success happiness and wealth of the heart… as the two other slept (during this ENTIRE fiasco). FINALLY… We got to Silk Grass at 1am. Or “finally” as we thought. There ended up being, not ONE gas station that was opened passed 9pm. The problem was. Our van was a 15 seater. Fully loaded with equipment, hitting our reserve tank WITH an hour left in our drive home. Oh by the way. Silk Grass is the type of place where you wouldn’t go outside alone…during the day. We stopped at a police station looking for any sign of gas and found absolutely nothing. Umar thinking smart and remembering he was a native figured he should call his friends from the area. Waking up anyone he could. Now 2am Umar gets a response from a friend who says he’s on his way. When he pulls up to us I look with a sigh of relief. Only to realize he is coming up to the car with NO GAS. My sigh was quickly diminished in replacement of more distress. Umars friend said there might be a gas station 20 minutes away that they could check out and have the possibility to be able to get gas…. now 3am. Daniel Booter sitting in the car with his body guard & Belizan native still sleeping, two trusty companions who could have been very useful in this time, for at the least; Emotional support. I of course turned to my camera to find a friend and started to vlog what was happening (which basically put all of our lives in jeopardy) but desperate times came with desperate actions. Umar & friend finally arrived. Again with nothing. Well. With nothing but the ghetto & a prayer Umars friends, FRIEND saw him…. somehow, at 3 in the morning….. And of course. He was a mechanic. With a long white shirt. About 5 foot 7 with a skinny frame and a head full of dreads that reaches his knees. This in itself made no sense & was an improbability with the equivalent chances of our car miraculously flying. He brought us. To where this photo was taken at 3:30am at his house in the middle of Silk Grasses ghetto, in one of the highest murder rate countries in the world. He somehow took an old car of his and siphoned gas straight from the engine. Filling about two gallons & completely depleting the other car of its gas. This meant at 15mpg we had 30 miles and our reserve tank which we assumed could be 1 gallon. Leaving us with 45 miles of drive. With 55 miles left in our trip. Once again. We said a prayer. And went on our way at 4 in the morning. This final drive. We were on edge. Reserving every mile. And somehow. At 5am we finally made it back. Only to realize we have to get up at 7 to go to our next camp.

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Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling Street & Chinatown | Malaysia Travel Vlog

In this video, we explore Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling street & Chinatown. We really enjoyed our time shopping, and most of all EATING! Incredible food in Chinatown. Keep in mind Petaling street EXPLODES with stalls and stands at night. Your shopping options literally double. We recommend it when visiting Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy this Malaysia travel vlog!


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