Expensive Restaurants

Expensive Restaurants

Retiring and Living In Style In Thailand on $500 Per Month

Living and retiring in Thailand does not have to be expensive unlike what many people may tell you. The people who say those things have bad habits, have a luxurious lifestyle or they are just not good with money. You can live here quite cheaply, as cheap as $300 per month if you live like a Thai person, maybe even cheaper. My room is 4,100 baht per month and my electric only comes to 500 baht per month because I have no AC. I rent a motorbike for 2,000 baht per month.

Despite my limited budget I still have the ability to drive a motorbike around town, drink some beers at Walking Street on occasion, see movies I reviewed here, exercise, go to the beach, get a massage occasionally or a close shave and many other great things.

If you are smart with your money and frugal like me you can live or retire here very cheaply, then if you have the spare cash you can spend it on more luxuries whether that be a meal at a nice restaurant or a night on the town. That is all up to you.

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Expensive Restaurants

5 Sandwiches From the Best New Restaurant in America | Bon Appetit

See how the meat is made! See how that meat goes into the sandwich. This dank vid takes a tour through 5 sammies brah, you won’t even believe how tasty it looks, brah.

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5 Sandwiches From the Best New Restaurant in America | Bon Appetit

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Expensive Restaurants

10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats Only The Rich Can Afford

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We all feel a strange curiosity towards the luxury lifestyle of the super rich. From their crazy houses to their insane toys, their only limits are their own imaginations. So today we’ll be taking a look at unbelievable yachts only the filthy rich can afford!

Tropical Island Paradise
Imagine a tropical island paradise. Now imagine a super-yacht. Combine the two and you’ll have had the same vision as the creators of Tropical Island Paradise. The master suite is located in a volcano, equipped with a waterfall that cascades down to the pool! Five guest suite tiki huts surround the pool on the main deck and at the back of the yacht, small islands with cabanas can be deployed!

Super Yacht A
The ‘A’ is after Russian billionaire and wife’s names; Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko. Who says Billionaires have to be original? Super yacht A boasts a 2,500 square foot master suite, six guest suites that can be converted to four staterooms thanks to moving walls! There are three swimming pools and one of them has a glass bottom that looks down on a disco! The ship comes with a super yacht price tag of 323 million dollars.

The Shaddai is the brainchild of Italian designer Gabriel Teruzzi.
Since its beginnings, the human race has shown a need to ascend from the ground which is what inspired Teruzzi when designing the Shaddai. Its hundred and twenty five foot high master cabin, is equipped with a bar, dining area and infinity pool, letting the owners feel what life is really like at the top.

This superyacht is still just a concept waiting on the right billionaire to hand over 600 million dollars to British designer Andrew Waugh, in order to commission it. The owners will enjoy their very own private level with a deck, Jacuzzi, spa and cinema while guests can enjoy similar amenities on the VIP deck. However Waugh believes the chance of the Epiphany actually being commissioned is one thousand to one.

The Streets of Monaco
This has to be the world’s most outrageous super yacht concepts. Various Monaco landmarks are replicated aboard the ship from the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack to Hotel de Paris. There are seven guest suites, each equipped with its own dressing room, bathroom and balcony, located in the ship’s atrium. This unbelievable super yacht can be built for you for just 1.1 billion dollars.

Maltese Falcon
A hybrid between a luxury yacht and racing boat, the Maltese Falcon has been chartered by stars like Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman. Thanks to its three masts equipped with wind speed detecting sails the ship can be operated by a single person. With six guest cabins, an outdoor cinema and its own collection of jet skis, the $400,000 dollar weekly rental is very tempting.

The Azzam is the largest yacht ever built, measuring in at 590 feet long and is owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates. It is also one of the quickest yachts in the world and has its own military defense system and fully armored master suite. Of course this didn’t come cheap, costing the Sheikh a whopping $650 million dollars!

The Skyback gets its name from its large retractable mezzanine that can cover and enclose the ship’s back deck, allowing its guests to enjoy the onboard, heated pool whatever the weather. It also features six decks, five guest suites, modern interiors, spa, gym and even its own private cinema and 25 onboard staff members. The swimming pool can also be converted into a large dance floor at the push of a button.

Jazz is the first of five yachts in the circle yacht family inspired by a concept prototype designed by zaha hadid. Inspired by fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems, the prototype was designed with unique dimensions and shapes but needs more technical work before it can be built.

History Supreme
Being the most expensive yacht in the world, the History Supreme is built out of two hundred and twenty thousand pounds of precious metals and stones! The master bedroom has a wall made from meteorite rock, a thin layer of gold covers everything from the bottom of the vessel to the dining area, staircases and even the anchor. It even features a genuine t-rex skeleton. The four and a half billion dollar yacht is owned by a wealthy Malaysian businessmen.

Which one of these super yachts suprised you the most?
Comment Below!

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RUSSIAN HUGE STORE. Is it expensive to have a kid?

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New Zealand: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar 5/5

New Zealand: The Ultimate Travel Guide by TourRadar gives you all the info you need to explore this nation of Kiwis. Learn some basics about the country, including what you have to do & see once you arrive, when it’s best to travel and which food & drinks you definitely need to enjoy throughout your journey.
New Zealand has a lot to offer even the most particular traveller. From the lively neighbourhoods of Wellington to the breathtaking Fiordland of the South Island, there’s an adventure tucked away in every corner of this impressive country. Consider living out your own Lord of the Rings adventure in Hobbiton, or hike past Mt. Doom in Tongariro National Park. Not thrilling enough? Then skydive over Auckland, go white water rafting down Kaituna River or take a leap of faith and bungee jump in Queenstown! When you’re in New Zealand, nearly ever adventure is only a stone’s throw away.

Make the most out of your visit to this remote island nation by assembling your bucket list with our travel guide. Booking a tour will ensure your trip is fun, flawless and stress-free:

New Zealand boasts a temperate climate with plenty of sunshine and moderate rainfall. Because of the long coast line, you can expect mild temperatures for the most part. The average temperature decreases as you travel south; January and February are the warmest months with July being the coldest month of the year. Remember to pack your waterproof hiking boots, waterproof rain jacket, swimsuit, flip flops, thin gloves, hiking socks, sunglasses, and a camera with extra batteries.

New Zealand’s currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZ$). You should expect to be able to switch between cash and cards quite seamlessly, as all major credit cards can be used in New Zealand. Alcohol and restaurant meals can range from moderate to quite expensive so prepare yourself accordingly.

We’d like to thank New Zealand’s incredible tourism board for allowing use of their travel footage:

—About New Zealand—

New Zealand, exists on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean and is home to over 4.6 million people, and nearly 30 million sheep.

The country is divided into two portions: the North and South Islands separated by the Cook Strait. The North Island is home to many hot springs and geysers while the South Island is mountainous, forested and covered in glaciers. Over 75% of New Zealanders call the North Island home, and more than 15% of New Zealand’s energy comes from renewable resources.

Learn more about New Zealand and the wonders that await you by reading Days to Come:

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Most Expensive Luwak Coffee (w/ Ashley), MIFB 2016, 28 Jul 2016

Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair 2016,

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Tremich Coffee

Kopi luwak (Indonesian pronunciation: [ˈkopi ˈlu.aʔ]), or civet coffee, refers to the coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus).[1]

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Call 017-476 8450

Founded on March 31, 2016

Mission 2020: Introduce the Borneo Coffee Luwak, by penetrating the market in South East Asia.

Vision 2020: To cultivate the drinking experience of Borneo coffee to different regions of the world by creating a community which favours gourmet coffee.

Tremich Coffee is the Head Distributor of Borneo Luwak Kopi in Malaysia

Please make an appointment if you wish to sit-down and talk to the management.

1. Borneo Kopi Luwak MYR 250

Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair

Call 03-7989 1133

The Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB) is the longest running F&B trade fair in Malaysia.

The Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB) is the longest running F&B trade fair in Malaysia. With a 16-year track record, MIFB has become an essential platform for the F&B industry players to introduce the latest innovation and technology globally. Moving towards the 17th year, MIFB with the theme “The New Horizon of F&B Business” aims to bridge the business connection between Malaysia and the world, the world and Asia. MIFB is a complete business platform for the F&B industry which provides a wide range of products, services, valuable insights and knowledge for businesses moving from inception phase to growth to international development.



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Most Expensive Luwak Coffee (w/ Ashley), MIFB 2016, 28 Jul 2016

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Food Hunt

Gundam Hunt

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How Expensive Is Toronto: Renting in the Best City on Earth | Cost of Living in Toronto, Canada |

Renting in the Best City in the World. World-Class City Toronto is one of the best cities on earth to live and always stays in the top ten best cities in the world. Whether you look at Mercer Quality of Living Survey, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Cities of Opportunity report, Economist Intelligence Unit, and a dozen other reports, Toronto is one of the most liveable cities in the world. Another recent report published by RentCafe mentions that Toronto is 13th out of the 30 top financial centres in the world, but it only has the highest 26th rent among top 30 cities. So whether you compare Toronto to the other top cities on earth or other global financial centres, many feel rent in Toronto is still a bargain. In this video, I will show you three 1 bed room rental apartments/condos in Toronto in different locations and you can draw your own conclusions whether rents are expensive, cheap, or reasonable in Toronto. Financial author Ahmed Dawn’s insights.

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The best restaurant in America serves helium balloons you can actually eat

Alinea is the best restaurant in the country, and the dining experience is unlike anything you have had before. Chef Grant Achatz serves up some very unusual dishes, and one of the most popular is an edible helium balloon. Customers are served the balloons and encouraged to suck in the helium before eating it. We spoke with Chef Achatz about his balloons, watched how they were made, and got to try one out.


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Business Insider is the fastest growing business news site in the US. Our mission: to tell you all you need to know about the big world around you. The BI Video team focuses on technology, strategy and science with an emphasis on unique storytelling and data that appeals to the next generation of leaders – the digital generation.

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Expensive Restaurants

The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Australia

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The 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Australia.

Living in any of Australia’s capital cities is incredibly expensive. In Sydney, for example, house prices have surged past the $1 million mark after six consecutive months of declines. The median house price in the city was $1,021,968 during the second quarter of 2016 and, while it’s below last year’s record-breaking median house price of $1,032,899, it’s still far more than what the average person could afford.
Because of this, it’s advisable to look for a place to live outside capital cities, where rent and house prices are much cheaper but the quality of life is still decent enough for young professionals, growing families, and empty-nesters. We’ve compiled a list of the cheap places to live in Australia to help you choose the best area for yourself and your loved ones. These places are ranked not just by their housing prices but also according to their population, unemployment rate, and access to important services like healthcare and education.
10. Wagga Wagga
9. Ballarat
8. Tamworth
7. Toowoomba
6. Dubbo
5. Wodonga
4. Mildura
3. Greater Taree
2. The Latrobe Valley
1. Shepparton
This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work.
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.” I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS. All rights goes to their respective owners No copyright infringement intended.
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Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow

Join us for breakfast in Poland as we visit Moment cafe to eat both traditional Polish breakfast items as well as a more contemporary menu in Krakow, Poland.

Still being on Kyrgyzstan time we woke up really early and by the time we got to the restaurant for breakfast we were really hungry. With that in mind we ordered a huge cappuccino, two fresh squeezed juices and two big mains which included a more traditional Polish breakfast with eggs, sausages, meats and cheeses and then a more contemporary twist with a bagel filled with cream cheese, trout and vegetables.

Overall, it was a delicious breakfast and if you’re in Krakow we highly recommend this place:

Moment Resto Bar  
Breakfast Restaurant
Address: Estery 22, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
Hours: 9AM-11PM daily
Phone: +48 668 034 000

Olympus OM-D E-M5 II:
Canon G7X:
Olympus 14-150mm II Lens:
Rode Video Mic GO:
Joby Gorilla Pod:
SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro:




Breakfast in Poland | Eating Polish breakfast in Krakow travel food video transcript:

Well good morning good morning. Today we went in search of Polish breakfast and we ended up at the perfect spot. So we found this restaurant. It is called Moment. Or maybe it is Moment.

And they kind of specialize in breakfast so they have a Polish breakfast and a traditional Krakowski breakfast. Yes. So we’ve ordered one of each to see what the differences are.

And what is the local name for it?

So he said something like śniadanie Krakowski. śniadanie Polski.

But anyways we know we’re getting breakfast.

And someone has to start the mornings off right with coffee. Oh man, when I saw that they had big cappuccinos on the menu I’m like yep. Oh yeah. I could use one of those. And while Sam is getting caffeinated I’m having juice. All natural juice. Actually he ordered the same as I did. So it is apple, carrot, orange.

Anyways, my breakfast is here. This is the traditional Polish one. And woah! That looks good. Woah. So we’ve got some scrambled eggs, we’ve got two sausages, we’ve got some grilled bacon, we’ve got cheese. We have cream cheese with like radishes and cucumbers and another little salad with cucumbers and peppers. So OMG. Mouth is watering here.

Polish sausages. Lots of mustard. Oh my gosh. Yeah, we were expecting this breakfast to be like egg and sausage heavy. Yeah. And it has delivered.

You know Polish food has a really big influence in North American cuisine too. There are a lot of Polish people living in Canada and the US. And if you go to somewhere like Chicago you’re going to get some amazing Polish food.

And one of the interesting things when I was just recently researching about Polish cuisine and Polish food is that the precursor to the bagel is from Poland

I think I’m going to try the sandwich first so I’m not sure if I should be doing this but I’m picking it up. Yes. It is a little bit sloppy. I’m getting some sauce on my hands already.

xcellent quality bagel. It is multigrain. It has lots of seeds as you can tell. And then the trout oh that is nice. It is kind of in a creamy type of like I wouldn’t call it mayonaise but sort of a mayonnaise consistency sauce.

Yeah, really good quality sausage oh my gosh. Yeah, isn’t it good?

And there is some cheese mixed into that egg too. Yeah, and we’ve also got some cheese slices which I didn’t actually get to.

So you were saying this is a cream cheese?

Yeah, so there is like a cream cheese with radishes and cucumbers in there.

So we had such a nice breakfast that I completely forgot to do price point.

So it was 80 Zloty which is just under 19 Euros and that included everything.

Two juices our two big mains and the large cappuccino. Now I’ll admit that is a bit of a more expensive breakfast but if we wanted to make it a little bit cheaper we could have I suppose not ordered the juice.

It was just a really good breakfast. Loved that we got to try both a traditional Polish breakfast which included meats, cheeses and breads and also a bit more of a contemporary twists on it with the bagels and the trout and the salad. A nice combination of kind of hearty and healthy. If you’re in Poland I highly recommend you try this type of breakfast.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.

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