Expensive Restaurants

Expensive Restaurants

HOW EXPENSIVE IS SAN FRANCISCO? | 24 Hour Micro Adventure part 1

How expensive is San Francisco? Could it ever be considered a budget travel destination? To answer these questions we went on a 24 hour micro adventure to the bay area and documented everything we did and how much it all cost from walking the iconic Golden Gate bridge, a comparison of hotel prices vs. Airbnb and a tour of our rental, eating at restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf, a visit to an antique arcade (Musee Mecanique) and more! Stay tuned for part 2 of our micro adventure coming soon! Don’t forget to subscribe.
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Expensive Restaurants

Eating Bengali Lunch At Honeymoon Restaurant In Cox Bazar

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We Eating Bengali Lunch At Honeymoon Restaurant In Cox Bazar. The Food Is Good. Everyone Loves This Bengali Lunch.
Honeymoon Restaurant One Of Delicious Food Serve In Cox Bazar. Honeymoon Restaurant Food Cost Little Bit Lower.
Cox Bazar Food Price Is Expensive.

Honeymoon Restaurant,
New Beach Road,
Cox’s Bazar.
How To Go There, Google Map Address Link :


About This Channel :
This Channel Is About All Type Of Bangladeshi & Indian Foods Like Street Food And Foods Restaurant And Cafe Of Bangladesh.
We Also Make Videos On Restaurants Food Like Types Of Foods And The Review Of Food Of Any Restaurants.

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Expensive Restaurants

Indian Restaurant Makes Artisanal Ice Cream

Pondicheri, a restaurant in NYC, has successfully incorporated tasty Indian flavors into their ice cream! Topping off turmeric-flavored cones with scoops of avocado or mango ice cream, these whimsical treats are a huge hit.

See more from Pondicheri:

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Expensive Restaurants

Cost of Living – Valencia, Spain

Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city; it has all the benefits of a major metropolitan area such as bus, train, and air connections. It also has great healthcare facilities and plenty of recreation opportunities. This city is full of culture, with science and art museums, theaters and concert halls.

Getting around by public transportation is easy. During my time in Valencia, I was living in Bario del Carmen, and I walked to most everything. With the benefit of big-city amenities, Valencia’s cost of living and real estate is much less than that of Madrid or Barcelona… and offers conveniences of a modern city along with a true taste of living in old style Europe.

Lunch, including a beer or glass of wine, will run to about $12. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in one of Valencia’s best neighborhoods starts at about $550 a month. If you would rather buy a place, the price for a small apartment in a trendy neighborhood starts around $100,000.

Here are some average costs:
A meal at an inexpensive restaurant in the City Center, including drink $12
Domestic Beer, 0.5-liter draught at a restaurant $2.30
Cappuccino (medium) $1.80
Apartment Rent, 1 bedroom in the City Centre $680.
And most food and produce at the grocery store was higher quality and cost less than what I would expect in the U.S.

Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast and has many of the things that attract tourists to Spain, all in one place: The city has a vibrant café culture, with a maze of little streets and impressive architecture and medieval buildings.
It’s also right on the Mediterranean, so you can enjoy the broad sandy beaches and grab some seafood fresh from the sea. There are also ultra-modern visitor attractions at the City of the Arts and Sciences, and it all goes to make Valencia one of Spain’s best destinations for living or retiring.

Nomads, living here month-to-month, staying in the city center, using a co-work space and eating out every meal can expect to spend about $2,300 per month.
An expat with a year lease can get by for under $1,400 per month.
If you’re good at living cheap and sharing a flat with friends, you can get by for under $900 per month.
My budget for living one month in the city center, staying at inexpensive hotels and eating out at least once a day was about $1,400.

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Expensive Restaurants

The Top 5 Expensive Restaurants of 2018

Here are the top 5 expensive restaurants of 2018!

These luxury restaurants were ranked some of the best and most expensive restaurants in the world of 2018. They are ranked by food, service and beautiful luxury design. Look no further, this is the best of luxury fine dining. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with our list? Let us know down in the comments below!

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Expensive Restaurants

Phuket Big C mall – where to shop fresh fruits and food in phuket Patong

Phuket big c mall is located at the back of Junylone mega mall , if you are staying in phuket and you want to buy good quality fresh fruit and food its the only address.
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• fY fyeutech Gimbel for steady shots
• Galaxy S9+
• Visueo air Drone

About me:
I am a graphic designer, Travel Vlogger & Photographer.
I travel a lot , make videos & drink lot of coffee.
Exploring new cultures is my passion and in my opinion food is a major part to that.
I have been inspired by Thailand and its culture, the food and the lovely people. I have been making videos and vlogs since 2012 and improving my filming abilities as a vlogger by using more advanced gears and techniques.
Now YouTube is part of my life and hope it will always be.
” I dream my life and live my dream ”
Thank you for all your support.

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Expensive Restaurants

My Experience Studying In Japan, Living In Tokyo

Living in Japan is an adventure! While studying in Tokyo I had so many interesting & unique experiences, so here’s all my favorite moments! Subscribe and stay tuned for more Japan videos!

This video is a great introduction to all the adventures you can have during your time studying in Japan, while on your Tokyo year abroad. Are you going to study in Japan? Study in Tokyo? Let me know in the comments below!

I spent my year abroad in Japan, studying at a Tokyo University, TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 東京外国語大学) and had so many unique adventures while studying in Japan. Links below!

London Vlog:
Heathrow to Tokyo:
Halloween in Tokyo:
Japanese Street Food:
Tokyo Snowboard Festival:
Tokyo Youtube Space:
Tokyo Pokemon Center:
Fukubukuro Unboxing:
Japan Paying Bills:
Tokyo Apartment:
Zauo Fishing Restaurant:
Sapporo Snow Festival:
Mount Moiwa:
Japanese Love Hotels:
Osaka In A Day:
Tokyo Michelin Star Ramen:
Ramen Challenge:
Christmas In Japan:

In this video you’ll see the very best of my experiences of living in Japan while studying in Tokyo, from the Tokyo student life & Japan daily life, to my adventures at the Sapporo Snow Festival, all sorts of japan street food, and so much more. I explored Japanese love hotels and tried Nakiryu Michelin Star Ramen. While living in Tokyo I had a front row seat to daily life in Japan, as well as odd experiences such as the Zauo fishing restaurant and the huge Tokyo Pokemon Center!

A huge thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers for staying tuned to the channel so far, I love what we’ve created. If you’re new to the channel, this is a perfect opportunity to see what I’ve been up to and check out the adventures from my Japan year abroad.

What is Japan like? If you let yourself out of your comfort zone, its a never ending adventure. Living in Tokyo and studying in Japan was a dream! If you’re heading off on your own Tokyo year abroad or looking to study in Japan, let me know in the comments!

Popular Videos:
Inside Japan’s Cheap Love Hotels –
Tokyo Pokemon Center! –
Sapporo Snow Festival –

Hi I’m Jason of ‘Jason Is Lost In Japan’, a British guy studying Japanese and posting regular videos about Japanese culture, adventures, travel and toys! There are many videos about studying abroad in Japan, surviving Tokyo, eating bizarre foods and adventures across Japan. Please check out my other videos, and I encourage you to subscribe and leave me a comment below, as I read and reply to every one!

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Expensive Restaurants

Hong Kong Food Review | Is Kam’s Roast Goose The BEST ROAST GOOSE in Hong Kong?

We traveled all the way to Hong Kong to find some of the best local foods. Roast goose is one of the iconic food you can find in Hong Kong. In this episode, we tried a restaurant called Kam’s Roast Goose which is well-known for their roast goose. This restaurant received One Michelin Star for consecutive years.

Watch and find out what we think of this restaurant. Is this restaurant worth the hype? Is their roast goose the best roast goose?
Let us know in the comment below also what you think about this restaurant if you have ever been to and tried their famous roast goose.

Till next time! Stay foolish, stay hungry!

PS. Special thanks to our sister, Vina, who helped recording the video for us

Two Hungry Diners

Kam’s Roast Goose
Address: G/F, Po Wah Commercial Centre, No.226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China
Telephone: 852-54087740
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm (Mon-Sun)

Canon 80D

Lights by Ikson @ikson

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