Noryangjin fish market is a popular fisheries market south of the Seoul city center in Korea where my Korean friend and I sat down to eat an entire living octopus, it was quite creepy while the entire octopus moved around in my mouth.

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We were hunting for some quality Sannakji (live octopus) because one of the reasons I came to Korea was to try eating a whole live octopus.


Eating Sannakji can be very dangerous if you do not chew enough. If you swallow the octopus to early it could suck onto your throat with its suctioncups and you would be unable to breath. There are reports of people dying while eating Sannakji due to suffocation.

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  1. Never!! That shit is not normal I don't care what they say and how long they have been doing it!!
    Fuck that I would starve!!

  2. Curse you. People like you don't have heart for these creatures, that's totally wrong to eat any creature as God resides in all and above all they feel intense pain, I wish you suffer same daily

  3. Jesus Christ that looks so fucking good I would eat that with a bucket of butter sauce mm Jesus Christ in heaven mm

  4. Yes, octopus feel pain. They have a brain and a central nervous system. This is promoting violence, you just bit a poor innocent octopus that was stripped from its home

  5. I hope you get chewed up by a shark some day take your place in the food chain. Or Lion or whatever. What I'm saying is I just want you to experience the same pain that you have inflicted.

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