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Today I’m sharing 4 super easy and healthy 5-minute breakfast recipes that you can make Monday-Friday in a pinch!

5 Ingredient Oat Pancakes
(serves 1)
1/4 cup oat flour (made from Bob’s Red Mill gluten free rolled oats).
1 medium ripe banana
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract’
pinch sea salt
coconut oil spray for cooking.
On a non stick skillet on med-high heat, cook for 2-3 min/side until golden.

Sliced banana
raw sunflower seeds
maple syrup

Breakfast Tostadas
(serves 1)
1 egg
1 small white corn soft tortilla
1/2 tbsp Bob’s Red Mill nutritional yeast
2 tbsp refried beans from can
Coconut oil spray for cooking

1/4 ripe avocado sliced
1 tbsp salsa

Raspberry Almond Butter Chia Toast
(Serves 1)
2 slices multigrain or Ezekiel bread
1-2 tbsp salted almond butter
1/2 cup fresh raspberries

Bob’s Red Mill chia seeds

DIY Healthy Cereal
(Serves 6-8)
2 cups puffed quinoa
2 cups puffed kamut
1 cup Bob’s Red Mill toasted muesli

Unsweetened coconut milk (form carton)
Fresh chopped strawberries
Optional: honey

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  1. I love this! I am really making an effort to feed my family more nutritious foods and breakfast is the one meal I have not mastered so I love these ideas! What kind of square skillet did you use here?

  2. Loved all these ideas!
    Do you think the pancakes are good to freeze? As well where can I find puffed Quinoa?

  3. OMG! I am really in love with your recipes. All of your meals look super yummy. Good job :D. I love breakfast too. My favorite quick breakfast are pancakes, chia pudin and cereal. I from Venezuela but I living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You always inspire me I love your videos and your gorgeous look. Xoxo.

  4. lol I honestly can't cook for anything, but my go to breakfast food for a busy morning is probably just scrambled eggs with toast and avocado. I am actually trying to turn vegan, which is why I am watching your videos. I love them!!

  5. Wow. That looks mouthwatering. Beautifully shot video and awsome recipes – I like them all! The almond butter one is a staple for me – since I am not blessed with aromatic (!) berries in spring (I live in Germany) – I opt for jams and I have found a chia seed bread I really like. I do have to say though I would prefer to sleep longer over preparing the pancakes. I will try them on a weekend though so thank you for the inspiration.

  6. I just made the pancakes. They were so amazing and so easy to make! I didn't have sunflower seeds so I ended up just throwing in some flax seeds. Looking forward to more recipes! Love watching your videos 🙂

  7. I eat but I'm not really hungry in the mornings.. I actually bit hungry but 1 piece of fruit is enough to fill me up

  8. How do your oatmeal pancakes not stick to the bottom. MAybe my pan is just horrible but its more like I am eating a scrambled pancake haha xD

  9. A very quick and easy breakfast I have A LOT is whole wheat toast with peanut butter, banana, and sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

  10. Almond butter or all natural peanut butter with raspberries and chia seeds is amazing… this is my go to snack but on a rice cake! It’s so delicious!!

  11. You need to soak up chia seeds with water or some liquid at least 10 min( better overnight) .if you don't these seeds absorb liquid from your digestive system when inside . Not good . So people don't just eat chia seeds out of the bag .

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