Today was Disney’s Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Celebration! This was such a great day! We got to meet Joe Rhode and some amazing Vloggers, and checked out what DAK had to offer for the 20th anniversary celebration! We also got to see some of our friends running in the Dark Side Half Marathon bright and early in the morning!

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  1. OMG this is epic Blog in a blog in a blog in a Blog. AWESOME I saw hope to meet some of you'll next month for my Birthday.

  2. congrat's for10K <3
    I look at you from France continue like that !!!
    I'm coming to walt disney world in May for the 3rd time i can not wait

  3. Vlogception! So many vlogs in a vlog! So cool that you got one of the prints and got to meet Joe Rohde!

  4. Animal Kingdom is awesome even better when meeting friends. Looked like an incredible day thanks for sharing. Mike

  5. Thanks for posting. We will be going with my mom and son (3 years old) this July 2018. Hope to meet you there. Any tips for us? We are staying in one of the resorts and will definitely use fastpasses. We are staying a week in Orlando.

  6. Enjoyed meeting both of you yesterday. We had so much fun celebrating 20 years of this amazing park. Great job on the video.

  7. your videos are so dang good. I am glad joel told me about your channel.
    Glad you got to meet joe Rhode.
    Looked like a very fun day

  8. I really enjoy your videos, but something about your audio just doesn’t seem to work right for me, it’s distracting. Anything I can do to change that? Or is that on your end?

  9. Hi Gena from Va beach here !! I am becoming one of your biggest fans !! I think u guys are the cutest couple and your authentic enthusiasm shows in your videos . I’m old enough to be your mom so I’m going to ask a “mom” question …..when are u guys going from being the wdw couple to being the wdw family !!! ??? How adorable would it be to have a little girl ( or boy ) with Taylor’s beautiful curls and joshs beautiful strawberry colored hair running around the parks !!?? U guys planed this day perfectly ….glad it all worked out for u !!!

  10. Awesome video as always! It was great getting to meet you two. We agree, we should all be doing more things together. 🙂

  11. I planned this all wrong and completely missed my chance to get that Banshee… Stupid Darkside 1/2 messing my thinking up!

  12. So Sad I missed all of this. Well I didn't miss the event… but hanging and vlogging with everyone… a little vlog inception.

  13. Wow! What a day! What do you call a group of vloggers? A camera? A B-roll? An edit? Also – that cupcake looks delicious!x

  14. Learned about you from Emily Enchanted's 20th anniversary vlog! I happy to have another WDW channel to follow! love the support Disney vloggers have for each other

  15. Awesome job on the merch! Not living there we wish we had the opportunity to go to some of these events! Luckily we were able to see the Epcot 30th, just by happenstance. First time watchers, look forward to more videos! Cheers guyz

  16. Just realized at 18:15 we’re behind you sitting down waiting to meet Joe Rohde too after doing the half marathon that morning! We flew over from Hawaii for vacay! Lol

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