In this video I explore Copenhagen, Denmark and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with an ICONNTECHS IT Ultra HD 4K Sport Action Camera.

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Denmark Travel: How Expensive is COPENHAGEN?

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  1. you can buy it at the metrostations, also the copenhagen Card is very worth for money. A museums are included in hovedstaden region, accept Bornholm island

  2. IT is a good idea to simplify the dollar and can be confusing.The amount of bikes how on earth do people find there bike amongst all the other bikes perhaps some kind of tracking device ,?

  3. I love how some people pronounce Copenhagen ''Copenharkken'' to sound fancy and linguistically competent. Truth is Copenhagen is gibberish, it doesn't mean anything in Danish, there is no right way to pronounce it, and if pronounced with Danish vowels it would sound drastically different. People figured the city's Danish name ''København'', which translates roughly into ''tradesman's harbour'', would be tricky to pronounce, hence Copenhagen. Us Danes use the common pronounciation.

  4. Been to Copenhagen several times now (Feb '17 latest) and your summaries and observations are pretty spot on from my experience. Copenhagen is totally rock'n roll and a very "newbie to foreign travel" friendly. DO NOT get a car, get a very cheap rental bike and pretend to be a groovy European. 🙂

  5. Gabriel, enjoy your travel videos very informative. How do you make a living? How are you able to travel to all these cities workout working a job?

  6. been there and agree it was expensive,,,rented a bike but after a few hours got bored…i did not know where to go,,,the place is over hyped..the people are warm and helpful but the food is expensive,,,u will not find obese people in denmark…overall, a dry but safe place and nothing much to see except monuments and museums…not a place i would recommend unless u just want to starve on hotdogs and fries,…a word of warning their metro is expensive and fares start at around $4 and go much higher –

  7. A very nice and informative video. I live just 10 minutes away from the Metro station you visit in the video (Nørreport station) and 39 kr for a pint of beer is only common in the city center. Jump on bus 5C heading north towards Husum Torv or Herlev Hospital and jump off at Nørrebros Runddel or a stop later at Stefansgade (takes approx. 10-15 minutes by bus depending on the traffic). In this area you'll find a lot of local bodegas and bars where you can buy beers for 15 kroners or even less. But be aware Danes drink a lot 🙂

  8. There are many great youth hostels in Copenhagen. Luxury for cheap. The Generator that you stayed at has a really nice large lounge with an outdoor terrace adjoined. Always met great random open and friendly travellers while I stayed at Generator. Super central location but in a relatively quite side street. The DanHostels and Wakeup Hostels are other good options, maybe better in some respects.

  9. Well, a danish hostel is usually a bit overprice (taking advantage of turists even though the prices arnt robbery). If you buy Beer at the Netto (discount) shop you visited you could easily get a 6x pack beer can pack (2 litres) for $10 if its a "nice brand" or half that if its just their own beer label. Also if you stay clear of the usual turist trap "fine restaurants" that normal people dont visit either then you can easily find the usual chinese, thai, pizza, barbecue, fryup or similar cheapo shop with more human prices. That being said food prices is at a all time high in Denmark.

  10. Yea you say denmark is not cheap.. its cus you in copenhagen, try get away from sjælland ( the devils island ), and try a trip in jylland( Jutland ). here you will see other pricing, ( if you see like the same amouth off food + beer you got in that place, would be more like 70-80kr for a burger, French fries and a beer/Soda )

    Also like in Copenhagen for a motel, you will pay 1.100kr for 1 night. but if you compare it to jutland it goes as low as, 677kr ( with this you might even have more room)

    + There is more to Denmark then Copenhagen.

  11. Still cheaper than US cities in my opinion. A hot dog in philly or frisco more. Im just going off the dog haha food seems reasonable

  12. Switzerland is more expensive but they have quality! The quality in Switzerland is not as high as it is in Italy. In Denmark there is nothing to eat but it is the right place for drinking.
    The only thing to do in Denmark is get bored and drink! The beer is sweet and no good!

  13. Also, I have to point out. This is Copenhagen, alot of things are more expensive. If you go to some of the smaller cities around Denmark, alot of things get cheaper

  14. Heck yeah dude! We had so much fun in Copenhagen. Loved the video! Make sure you check mine out! Lastly… what action camera is this? The audio is pretty kick ass!

  15. Dude! I didnt know you were coming. I would totally have put you up! Im on the outtermost edge of the CPH burbs. Ping me if you come back!

  16. It is funny to watch these videos about Copenhagen (I live 3 km from the city center). It is very different to see other people’s perception of the city and the bikes. The bikes always seem to surprise people.
    The way to pronounce Copenhagen is more like copenheygen, the way you say it, it sounds German. Danes don’t have great history with Germans. 😉 haha. But I’m glad you enjoyed the city.

  17. Heard about a card called Hostelling International, what is it for and is it required for international tourists planning to stay at a hostel?

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