Try this new delicious fish chowder recipe. I use coconut milk in this dish, though you can use cream or milk if you’d like. For the fish, I use striper, though you’re welcomed to use any type of fish for this fish chowder as you’d like. Any fish will make a delicious fish chowder with this recipe. Guaranteed!

Here are the ingredients for the Fish Chowder Recipe

1 leek (sliced thin)
3 strips of Bacon (cut into bite-size pieces)
1/2 carrot – grated
2 celery stalks – chopped into small pieces
3 spring onions (scallions) – cut into small pieces
4 small potatoes – cubed into bite-size pcs (should be about 4 cups worth)
1 lb fish fillet – cut into bite-sized pieces (any fish will do but cod or haddock are excellent choices)
500 ML Fish Stock (or chicken stock)
2 corn on the cob, grilled, then cut the corn off the cob
1 400 ML can coconut milk
Old bay Blackening Seasoning to taste (or use any other blackening spice – or just use black pepper)
Gumbo Filet – use 1/8 tsp and blend into 1 TBSP of water

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Delicious Fish Chowder Recipe

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  1. Hello IVO Merry Christmas
    Your fish chowder looks so good wish I were there to share some with you ( lol ) you added coconut milk very interesting I have to give that a try the next time I make fish chowder – because I use half milk and cream . By the way I keep looking at your fish decanter on your counter top what's the contents used for if you don't mind me asking .

  2. Watched a few of your cooking vids. You should definitly do some more catch and cook vids. Liked this one, gonna try it with some Colorado River stripers, thx..

  3. Wow… seriously mouth watering even before it's finished. Going ice fishing for my very first time in what is now a very snowy Minnesota, if we keep any fish I'll be sure to suggest this recipe… looks warm, yummy, and uh… Delicious!

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