My Cunard Queen Victoria Q2 Caronia Suite Tour and review. Possibly one of the most luxurious (and costly) cabins you can cruise in is this Queens Grill suite on board the Queen Victoria cruise ship, which is the same as a similar suite on the sister ship Queen Elizabeth. Queens Grill is the “first class” on the ship and the Caronia Suite is a Q2, which means it is the second biggest grade of suite on the ship with the Grand Suite being larger and more expensive. For many this suite is seen as probably one of the most luxurious way to go cruising. In my tour I show you around the suite and talk about the facilities and added extras included.

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  1. Wow it’s nice to see the places on this ship that I’ll never be in. Your typical excellent review kind sir. The wife an I enjoy them very much. Were you able to use this suite?

  2. I know somebody who works for a major cruise agency who's job it is to sell these cabins and holidays – and the clients do not have to ask the price. Past week he's put one together, I don't know the details, what ship, where. All I know is the client stated he wanted a no expenses spared cruise and I know the bill is over 60,000.

  3. What do you love to do the most when you are on a cruise and not filming? I think I would love the excursions the most. I also love water so much like swimming and hearing the waves etc. I also love to soft with a drink and try new dishes on the menu.

  4. POSH incarnate! Elefantissimo e belissimo!!! Really beautifully designed! Gary, if you don’t mind my asking such a question: are there any record holders – tourists (not the crew) who crossed the Atlantic (from Liverpool to New York, for example) on Cunard record number of times? Hundred times? Two hundred times? Three hundred times?

  5. Wow thanks for sharing Gary. Would love to experience a suite like this. On my bucket list. For some folks a cabin is just a place to hang their gat and sleep. For me it is about being comfortable and having a nice stateroom.

  6. I’ve been searching for days and can’t find this answer can someone please help !!!!????
    I’ve went on a family cruise when I was 18 and loved it , now I’m 20 and I want to go again with my GF (21) butttttt since I’m under 21 I cannot do carnival unless there’s someone 25+

    So my question is
    How can I get on the boat even tho I’m not 21 or with someone who’s 25
    Or is there other cruise lines where this line doesn’t apply

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