Today we take a look at the cost of food in Thailand and why Thai’s and westerners often find themselves eating out at small local restaurants. If your willing to eat fresh Thai food you will find the costs of living in Thailand can be cheap living. Plus we take a a quick windy visit to the beach.

Link to hotel and beach in video

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  1. Great video Simon. That beach at Phetchaburi looks fantastic. You are correct about the motorbike to explore. All your subscribers are in for a real treat when they come to stay with so much to explore just on the doorstep. That hotel seemed a bit pricey at 1,500 Baht, maybe the rooms are exceptional, definitely worth further investigation.
    I recently drove the coast road from Cha Am to Phetchaburi, that is also well worth an explore. Plenty of beaches, restaurants and guest houses all the way up. You have wetted my appetite, and I live here, it will be even better for subscribers.

  2. Palmeto?
    Tilapia grow natural there? Wow the water temp stays above 56. Very hardy and can stand bad paramotors and low o2.

  3. Hat, hat, hat + factor 50. Good vlog, interesting to see out & about, keep 'em coming. Thanks & keep well.

  4. Well done guys Mem is doing great video Simon taking the pressure of you a bit.
    Get her a email address same as your just put Men after land of smiles.
    Thanks again.

  5. beach north of Hua Hin? lovely green view from the back of the restaurant…15:53 : D local eating best way to eat cheaper too.

  6. I'm moving to a place with a view like the one from the restaurant there from my balcony at the end of the month. Can't come soon enough!

  7. Damn. The food looks so amazing! If I came to Thailand, I'd be eating from morning until night. Thanks for another video!

  8. You should protect your head from the sun!!! (sunscreen doesn't count) I'll bet you have some straw hats at home.

  9. Excellent video Simon, don't worry about the sound mate. That beach looked really nice, and love that little noodle shop, so cheap, can't wait to go there. Remember to wear the hat, especially this time of the year. Mem did a great job, a new business as a tourist guide perhaps. Yes please more videos like this would be great, thanks mate.

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