Today, we are in Toronto touring all the must-get Chinese dishes. I found a few hidden gems along the way 🙂
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-Prairie Lamb Kabob
-Foodie Boy
-Potato Noodle Soup of Bai

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  1. Mike you are so amazing in picking what to eat and you are amazing when you are describing your food that's why l subscribe on you……
    (new subscriber)……

  2. Oh my God which food places did you go to at PMall for your food? I go to Pmall so much and everytime, all I get is overpriced sushi…but what you got looks so goddamn delicious

  3. The restaurant provided those latex gloves? Never heard of that before. Can't you just wash your hands if they get dirty like a normal human being? You look creepy af eating with those gloves on. It wasn't even something super spicy.

  4. You sir a re a beast, eating one larger Poutine is a struggle but you put away 3 of them….I tip my hat to you sir!

  5. 13% sales tax on restaurant food in Toronto, so plan on having to fork out between 25% to 30% above menu prices for eat-in restaurants.

  6. I feel like I may have been the only want to have to think to myself, Where else could a fire be if not in the fireplace,

  7. Not a fan of Smokes… You want real poutine… Ottawa and east to Quebec… You want the cheese to squeak on every bite… That's real poutine… Great Vids…

  8. We have three Chinese restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida and they are all bad. Can you please convince some Chinese person to move here and open up a real Chinese restaurant, preferably Sichuan??? We had an authentic Sichuan restaurant when I lived in NJ and I got addicted to spicy pickled chicken feet, spicy crispy pigs ears, spicy pickled cabbage stems, hot and spicy shrimp, and spicy baby wontons… are you seeing a pattern here? If I hadn’t learned how to make real hot chili oil for my ramen, I wouldn’t have any mala in my life at all… anything Sichuan you try to order here turns out to be duck sauce with some dried chilis tossed in… yuck!

    Please help me!

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