Cheap Eats Singapore! Hawker stands will be your saviour in one of the worlds most expensive countries. The Singapore street food is so delicious and with meals costing around $3 you must try these cheap eats.


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  1. Congratulations beans! I really am hoping the plan works. Certainly sounds better than backpacking.
    All the best….

  2. I love mystery meat, it's my favourite. Mystery vegetarian fake meat sounds like a crazy roulette though, I'd prefer not knowing the animal than not knowing if it's veg or not.

    Also I hope you get rickety wrecked and also lads lads lads footie offside 4 2 2

  3. Oooh I could do with some of that food right now, especially as I've had a cheeky vino…

    I'd love a cute mutt to call my own, I mean, I've got Tom but…

  4. You guys have to be the smiliest couple on Youtube. We must meet up and hang out when you make it all the way back to England 😀

  5. nice of you to remember kalamansi of the Philippines, thats a cheap place you found there, very hard to find one, great vlog great footages

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