This is part two of my ongoing bar-basics series, and today I’m talking about strainers and how to use them, tips and tricks, etc.

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  1. When referring to the spoon and stirring with the 'bowl side in' and using the spoon on the outside of the glass, why is that important/ what difference does that make?

  2. Went to the gear website and had to stop myself from buying everything on the page. Especially your apron, I don't need another apron… But I could….must resist. But did pick up a strainer and shaker set. Great video

  3. I got my shaker at Goodwill for $3. The most expensive part of my bar set is currently the liquors I use for the drinks.

    Cheap shaker + bar glass + cheap strainer and if needed, hit the double strain for muddled stuff = good basic shit. I think I have like $30 in my whole setup, tools wise. Once I started building my bar, my friends that like cocktails were more than willing to find tools to keep here for when they're over and want a cocktail. Since everyone I hang out with regularly enjoys mixing drinks, they also occasionally contribute a bottle or two. Food for thought.

  4. Would you be able to do a video that focuses on one spirit or liquor and talks about different flavor profiles of that spirit, how you can pair it with other flavors, and just other general rules of thumb on how to use that spirit or liquor?

  5. Plans to do a video on jiggers? I'm a fan of the Japanese double, but I've seen a lot of people using plastic measuring cup style ones lately? Weird.

    Also a video on garnishes would be rad!

  6. I feel like in video ads shouldn't be intrusive like that. It should be subtle like a sidebar ad not a pop up. Cuz 10 years from now this video might get outdated. As a creator it hurts my brain.

  7. that open/closed gate thing was actually very useful. as an amateur i havent thought about that. thanks!

  8. The oxo strainer works extremely well. It’s pretty small but I use it all the time and I’ve had no problem with it.

    I’d love to see you do an episode on jiggers to use oxo’s 2oz measuring jigger

  9. Thinking of doing a guide for general substitutes? Like Triple Sec, Curaçao liqueur, Orange liqueur, Cointreau.

  10. hey could you do a basic episode on sirups? from simple to coffee and so on… maybe even about bitters

  11. This was very educational. I got an old bar globe as a present from my significant other, and this was a great help to find the right tools to equip it! Keep up the good work and I am glad to see you back on the channel!

  12. We double strain drinks with egg white, as well as vegetation. Not sure if it's proper, but on old cocktail book we had said to double strain a drink with egg and we just do it for all drinks with egg now.

  13. I must admit I never realized you could pinch the hawthorne to filter better, and I can't tell you how many margaritas I've ordered that weren't double/propertly strained and had ice chips in them, totally ruining the drink (cough @bartacolife)

  14. I use my bar spoon on the weighted end because it spins way easier lol. Then I don’t have to practice my spoon spinning

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