This morning Linda, from Linda’s Pantry, posted a video of items that she likes to keep in her canning pantry and canning recipes that she won’t make again. Shortly thereafter, Heather from The Kneady Homesteader posted a similar video, and they have a collaboration going with a whole group.

Other YouTubers were welcomed to join in so here I am with things that I like to keep in my canning pantry, and things that I will not be canning again.

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  1. Kind of scary about the Zaycon chicken breasts. I'm leaving in a minuted to pick up my 2nd box for the year. I hope they have the quality issue worked out. Good idea on the apple cider mix to the applesauce. Great collection of canned goods.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found you. I live in the South too. Southwest Louisiana and figs are my favorite but I did not get any this year. Strawberry jam is also my favorite. I only water bath can now so I love to make jams. I have made a few videos but I need to learn editing. I subscribed because I think I will like learning some of your recipes. I bet your tomato sauce with meat is delicious. Thank you for doing this video and if you have time check me out too. Have a great day!——Tressa Daigle Do you have a good recipe for apple jam? That is what I want to try next.

  3. Nice video. Here is the up to date info on boiling low acid food after canning. Boiling is recommended if you can at a high altitude. For the rest of us ….If your jars are sealed, not leaking, and were processed in a pressure canner with an accurate gauge, following the rules, you don't need to boil.

  4. Oh yum, cranberry – orange sauce. I just came home with 15#'s fresh cranberries from Wisconsin cranberry festival. New sub here

  5. Hi there! I'm a new sub from South Carolina! Love your canning ideas! I've been canning for about a year, now. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to more!!

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