Hi loves!

In this video, I give you all my best tips on how to go vegan and plant-based.

This month I am going Vegan for “No Meat May.” I already follow a plant-based diet, with the occasional eggs or ice cream or cheese, but am transitioning to a vegan diet for the whole month of may. It will be a challenge, but I am excited to see how the experiment goes.

Want to do it with me?

Let me know what tips you want to see next!

Bails xx

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Crossfitter, Blogger, World's Pickiest Vegetarian, Ninja in Training, Vampire Slayer. Blue is my favourite color. It's also the only color.


  1. Such a great video! I love your vlogs please do more! I am really interested in going vegan and knowing how to get enough protein when you work out a lot? Thanks 🙂

  2. I'm not sure for which reasons you are plant-based. But if you do it for animal-welfare/rights reasons, some cheeses contain rennet — which is not vegetarian!

  3. Wow!!!! This is your best vlog ever!!! I am definitely in for this challenge but will be doing it vegetarian style when I am on vacation and vegan when I am at home. This is going to be so much fun!!!

  4. Really enjoyed this video (the intro was incredible)! I have been vegan for just under a year and it has changed my life in so many ways. So excited to have found your channel, just subscribed. Would love to support each others channels x

  5. I’m primarily vegetarian (however i do still eat eggs, occasionally chicken turkey and fish) but i have made some wonderful vegan meals that even my meat loving husband has eaten. I made zucchini lasagna using zucchini, the Gardein brand needless ground, and plant based cheese with marinara sauce. It was excellent. Two of my friends ate it as well and loved it!!

  6. Coincidentally I stopped eating animal products 2 weeks ago after being on a plant based diet for about a year. This is perfect timing for me! Thanks for the motivation.

  7. I'm in for a vegetarian challenge! I usually eat meat, but I will now try to go vegetarian for this period of time and see how I feel. Do you have any suggestions for what I can substitute minced meat(I eat a lot of minced meat for caserolles, tacos etc) with? I was thinking beans are a good one, but also other ingrediens would be highly appreciated!

  8. Hii Bailey!! Im going to do no meat may as well but as a vegeterian! Im plant based ass well but i really want to pay special attention this month on what i eat and get creative and do the swaps! One question: are you still going to do the same amount of exercise in terms of time or days of the week? Or are you going to adjust that on your energy levels depending on how you feel? I notice that the more i exercise the more hungry i feel but if i lower down i need less food. It would be interesting on how your reaction on exercise is 🙂

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