Cambodian hotel, a favourite with Expats/Mongers [Girl friendly!!!] Lets find out if it’s any good…

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A video documenting my stay at the Silver River hotel, Phnom Penh.

Silver River hotel has been a ‘go to’ place in Phnom Penh for expats/mongers for many many years. Many people won’t even think of booking in anywhere else as it’s a firm favourite with many repeat customers. Let’s check it out…

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Outside the hotel
0:17 Map of the location
0:27 Lobby and hallway
0:51 Deluxe room with balcony
3:51 Bathroom check
5:38 Balcony view
6:14 Extra shots inc. the room service menu
7:40 Alternative room I had a peek at when checking out
8:30 Outro

The Good:

– Great location for the bars and close to the riverside
– Clean room, everything was in good working order
– Restaurant/bar downstairs was good and had a good happy hour
– 100% guest friendly, your lady will just have to leave her ID at the reception
– Good value, rooms start from around $27 so it won’t break the bank staying here 🙂

The Bad:

– My Deluxe room with balcony was relatively small, the cheaper rooms were slightly bigger
– No swimming pool
– No fitness center
– Ageing hotel, if you like modern hotels then maybe it’s not the best choice

The Ugly
– Weirdest place for a fridge I’ve ever seen 🙂


I had a good stay at Silver River hotel. Initially I was underwhelmed with my room mainly due to the size, but it grew on me in the end and was perfectly alright.

I really like the location on Street 172 as it’s so convenient having many cheap restaurants, bars and even hostess bars on your doorstep. The riverfront hostess bars (104, 130 and 136 street) and restaurants are only a 10 minute walk or $1 tuk tuk ride away which is fantastic.

I recommend Silver River hotel for seasoned travellers who don’t mind staying in a place with a ‘guesthouse’ feel. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay again and would probably prefer Room 407 (visible at 7:38) which had a nice view and was just $30 a night when I last checked.

Silver River hotel is definitely a reliable choice and you could easily do worse for the same money…

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  1. Your hotel are absolutely beautiful and amazing one day I would love to go and visit your country loving it thank you so much for your show

  2. When traveling to various SE Asian countries hotels, I usually bring my own sandals when showering. I surely don't need foot fungus or any other infections on my feet.

  3. I had to laugh, bumped into a couple dumb, dumb niggaz on another channel, commenting on how Bangkok112 edits out black guys. LMAO!!! A ruckus ensued, and they didn´t like when I pointed out even black escorts in the USA frequently put ¨No Black Men¨in their ads! I have seen a lot of these ads, you can look for yourself on the free sites, like Backpage used to be one. It´s like the brothers are trying to prove how much the hookers love them, priceless comedy!!!

    Did you pop any Khmers while you were there? To be honest, Thai chicks are looking fat with spoiled attitudes of a western girl these days, so why travel across the world for Thais? Khmers might be worth the trip though!

  4. Cambodia is nice even better back when the US dollar was on par with the Australian dollar so was good value as they use US currency.

  5. I was just down the road a bit at the Sundance inn. Another solid choice. Didnt know you was in town? But was listening out for your voice at the corner 136. Keep up the good work.

  6. The menu is in U.S. dollars? That's very convenient. Are all the bars and restaurants like that, too? Do they take and give change for U.S. cash?

  7. Decent looking hotel with a great location, but I would have to have a pool. Especially in SE Asia. Thanks for this one.

  8. 4:33 the part of hair dryer, which was in that holder, looks like new 😀 white, bright and other parts of plastic are yellow… interesting haah

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