What’s the best time to go to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace? When’s the best price? It’s best to be prepared for the best buffet in Las Vegas.



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  1. I wish your channel was around the last time I went to Vegas in 2014. I had no clue these buffets even existed… I hope these hotels are compensating/paying you well to do these reviews. Great channel!

  2. Derek. Hey buddy i run a channel on youtube as well. I do some Las Vegas content. Wanted to know if you were down for doing a collaborative vlog in LV when i come out again. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. if you go in at 2pm and dinner starts at 3pm, by the time you finish your meal (let's say 4pm) do you pay the brunch price or dinner price?

  4. Went here last year. It was horribly overrated, like Golden Corral was better. The desserts were pretty nice, but that was it. The food was horrible.

  5. When I went 2 years ago, it was great! But last year, the food was okay. I expected a long line but there were no line at all.

  6. I am a coeliac so have to avoid gluten and wheat. Are there any gluten free options clearly available on display? thanks.

  7. So if you grab an apple on your way out to munch on while walking someone is going to tackle you to the ground as soon as you exit the buffet?

  8. Derek great videos much love from michigan if we go to Vegas we would like to invite you to one of the buffet there. Keep up the good work

  9. Taking food from a buffet is a No No . PS Please take your time at the meat section pay good attenion to the glistening sweating meats,,, also i would love to see fried chicken being slowly ripped apart with jucies running down your fingers lol enything else?? cheers the gillman love your vids

  10. One of my Favorites… Been there many times…It has everything…I think it's ok to walk out enjoying a cookie.

  11. The line for this buffet is insane. I was going to eat there on my last stay, but no way was I waiting there that long.

  12. I went there this last week and it was the single greatest dining experience of my life and I’ve eaten at some very exclusive places across the country. It was Thursday night and there was a fairly decent wait time but the brief wait is beyond well worth it! The price is a deal for what you get. Amazing isn’t a strong enough world to describe how great it was. I’m so glad I worked hard to save it up for it.

    Heads up though, from what people told me in line. Friday night and Saturday night between 5-til close is very long wait. You even have to get on a wait list to wait in line. Be prepared for this if you are hungry and planning on going then. Plan accordingly. The rest of the week they told me is not that bad for the wait.

    Most importantly, when you are there, enjoy yourself!

  13. I do occasionally!! I've even asked the waitress for a box for what's on my plate! I've never had a problem!! And I fill the box too!! I think as long as you're up front about it and hand them a nice tip!! It's all good!!

  14. Back in the good old days 70s and 80s before corporate America took over, food was super cheap!! It was just another way to get you in the casino's!!

  15. I left the stupid bimbo a $1.00 tip. She aggressive stated several times, "its time to go or your time is up ! " No wonder Vegas is going down hill, lots of tables empty.

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