Join me and Summer Le – Chef at Nén Restaurant to cook Bun Bo Hue – the second most famous Vietnamese noodle soup after Pho in both original version from Hue and elevated version from a Vietnamese fine-dining restaurant.

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  1. I would like to tried bun bo hue da nang . I dont like shrimp paste, the flavor is too strong. Even when i eat the original bun bo hue i dont add shrimp paste. I like to taste the broth by itself

  2. Thank you for showing us an updated version! Please make more updated versions of your dishes if you find some tweaks or new techniques to make them better 🙂

  3. Summer's version of BBH is better. Too much isn't always a good thing. When you build such a strong flavorful foundation, you take away the flavor of the other component of the dish. Take for example when you stir fry the beef in the satay sauce you literally marinated the beef in hot sauce which then reduce the natural beef flavor of the dish. You want to call out the main star of the dish not cover it in hot sauce and hence why it's called Beef Noodles.

  4. There's a real art to making these dishes, which is why I love Vietnamese food. Thanks for sharing all those cooking tips! I like the one where you soak the shrimp paste to remove some of the smell. I recently got some homemade shrimp paste from family in the Philippines. It's so good, but very pungent since there are no preservatives!

  5. Helen and Summer: Great video. Very proud of you both! Love your recipes and presentation, lots of tips and not so much talk like other food-vloggers.

  6. I think I'd go with Bun Bo Hue as I like the bolder taste, but I'll try the Da Nang version. Guess it may suit my friends a bit better.

  7. This actually one of my husband's favorite dish, along with chicken curry and baguette…and anything he can spill nuac mam on

  8. Hi Helen just wonder if you tried blanching the pork bone/meat from room temperature water and let the water boil..i find that the end result is cleaner bone/meat. Thanks!

  9. You two ladies are so beautiful. And I have to compliment you on your excellent command of English. I am saying this even though English is my second language, as well.

  10. Awesome online video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to uncover these types of content. We make Travel & Food video too, around the globe, and we are habitually searching for inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

  11. My family eats tons of bum bo hue every year. We live in California where there is a Little Saigon. Our favorite is An Nam. They use Vietnamese ham in their recipe instead of trotters, and sliced pork, beef. They also have a restaurant for Pho Ga which is awesome. Take a look around you can find delicious Vietnamese food everywhere! Love these 2 recipes.will try them. Best of luck on the new restaurant!

  12. Seeing 2 brilliant Vietnamese women showing their great skills to the world is just as impressive as their comforting dishes. Power to you both.

  13. Sorry but this video was so confusing when you two kept instructing what to do. It was like playing monkey in the middle. Maybe next time do different videos?

  14. The best loved Bún Bò in Vietnam is definitely the traditional Bún Bò Huế with the lemongrass and shrimp paste. The Bùn Bò Đà Nẵng version here is obviously for someone who cannot eat, or cannot stand the smell of shrimp paste. I think if you know how to make the shrimp paste with a very light smell, then the foreign customers can enjjoy it and still keep the traditional one. the Bùn Bò does not have shrimp paste like it has no soul at all. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I didn't know that there were different variation! Regarding this video, I would have loved to see the two final product side by side.

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