Taste tested: Australian Sher (Wagyu) Filet Mignon, Japanese Kobe beef (A5 – Sirloin, Ribeye, Tenderloin), New York Porterhouse Steak, Irish Ox Tomahawk Ribeye Steak, French Charlolais Beef, Texas Barbecue Beef Brisket, Japanese Miyazaki Beef, Brazilian Angus, Argentine Black Angus, Lean Japanese Wagyu Beef (A2 – A3), Japanese Matsusaka Beef, Japanese Akita Beef, Okinawa Motobu Beef, American Beef Wellington

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  1. well what Aden proved just now to the public is that a good home cook meal is always cheaper satisfyingly cooking it yourself, and then enjoying a relaxing time with out white noise all around bothering your experience. (also a beer while at it haha)
    When in Japan go to the market and buy their meats there and cook it in your airbnb. Aden here is just doing it for the youtubezors and I'm sure he takes pleasure making videos and editing it, but 150 dollars for a meal no way dude i can buy two American beef wellington! 😀 anyway thank you always for your time during these videos for your audiences

  2. disgusting……..why do you white people and Asian love to eat meat red with blood in it, its disgusting, that use to be a living animal. that could have been human flesh. i feel sick.

  3. I got to go with #1 here and I also agree with how they cook it. I would love to try the Japanese beef but give me a cut that weighs a pound and cook it over a flame.

  4. I can only say that this video makes me yearn for finnish summer. Im glad that it's only 6 months away.

    I have already reserved two whole tenderloins from black angus bulls to be butchered in april!


  5. Actually, neither of these. You obviously haven't tried Botswana beef. That's THE best! After that every other is dry and tasteless.

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