Chinatown Wet Market is one of the most exotic wet markets in Singapore. Situated at the iconic Chinatown Complex along Smith Street, this wet market still remains its Chinese heritage and cultural elements.
Here you can buy live seafood. Whether you want to find expensive stuff like crabs and lobsters or more affordable ones like cockles, clams and prawns, you can get them at Chinatown Wet Market. The array of big, live crabs and lobsters in plastic crates is impressive.
Here you can also buy exotic meats. Live frogs, eels, catfishes and even turtles are meat ingredients in some special recipes of the locals. If you want to taste something different and delicious without learning any exotic recipes, you can try the popular frog porridge.
Address : 335 Smith Street Singapore 050335

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  1. Animal cruelty seems to be the norm to the Chinese. In fact if you're injured in China the majority of people will simply ignore you and not even ring for emergency services. They don't even value human life.

  2. Looking at all these comments regarding the Chinese being "extra cruel" and "eating just about anything i.e dogs, cat and human meat" is simply ridiculous.

    This is Singapore. As far as I am concerned, the way animals are processed are held to a certain standard. Moreover, why is it that the Chinese come under flak for something that is uniquely their own culture? What, is it because it's 'Chinatown'? Piss off.

    To add on, there is NO footage of any animals in this video being slaughtered/processed inhumanely. So why is everyone so quick to bash the Chinese? Deal with your own country's problems first (Looking at you, Americans) before belittling others.

    The people of Singapore have learned to be TOLERANT towards each other, REGARDLESS of race, culture or religion and have been peacefully living side by side since independence. The rest of you should take notes from this little red dot.

  3. Das sind alles riesen Idioten die so was fressen und unterstützen. Euch sollte man auch so einsperren und danach grausam abschlachten. Pfui!!!! So erbärmlich wie die Esskultur gewisser Länder so Scheiße sind da auch die Menschen!!!

  4. All these people making offensive comments about Chinese, unless they are vegans are just hypocrites and racists. Just search the videos on how animals are slaughtered and treated in their supposedly humane countries and its a pot calling a kettle black .

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