My favorite dress-up restaurant in Vienna just got better and less expensive. Here’s a look at the Black Camel Restaurant (Zum Schwarzen Kameel) — which is now the Black Camel Bistro. I was working through my night’s list of restaurants to check for my Vienna guidebook, with about 12 visits down and three to go, when I was seduced into a chair by the fun energy of this place. On my last visit, it was a fancy restaurant with an affordable bistro tucked into a corner. Now the bistro dominates, and the fancy restaurant is tucked into the back. Join me in this clip as I discover a new wine and learn how a rum-punch pastry, pink on the outside and brown on the inside, has some very interesting political connotations.

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  1. Is this Ricky coming out of the closet as a full communist? I mean, it would be disappointing but I certainly wouldn't be surprised at this point.

  2. Hey Rick, how do you spell the name of the wine? I tried typing it into Google phonetically, however not having luck so far.

  3. OMG Rick, you just insulted a nation. But anyway, it's a good joke but I wouldn't go around telling it to everyone in Vienna. The place looks nice and the prices are reasonable. Art nouveau, good wine, reasonable food prices, near the opera, good class of people, I can see why that place is thriving.

  4. Hi Rick. I'm a long time fan. I've been watching your show on PBS for at least 20+ years and often select my travel destinations based on your recommendations. I love the short video clips and in fact have started doing some on my channel too. One question though…you always have the ear piece in. Why?

  5. loving your new series of videos. Please move the camera around a little slower though, LOL. Sometimes I need Dramamine to watch.

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