We are finally moving in to our long-term apartment in Guadalajara. WE’RE SO EXCITED! Today, we are taking you on an tour of our new place in addition to giving you an all-inclusive cost of living in Mexico analysis.

Topics we cover in our cost of living in Mexico:
-Mexican car insurance
-Taking a car to Mexico (Temporary Vehicle Import Permit)
-The cost of rent in Mexico (How much is Airbnb throughout Mexico + our new monthly rent)
-The cost of a tourist visa for Mexico
-Is the water in Mexico safe to drink? (and what we drink)
-Cost of Ubers in Mexico per month
-Average cost of gas per liter and gallon
-How much is food in Mexico (from grocery stores and in restaurants)
-What we pay for our phone plans in Mexico (what type of phone plan we use)


Before coming to this country, we were very curious is Mexico cheap. We wanted to wait until living in Mexico for at least three months before giving you this all inclusive cost of living in Mexico list. Being here for 90 days has given us a better idea about the average cost of certain things in various Mexican cities. If you’re also wondering is Mexico affordable, hopefully we answer all your questions by the end of the video.

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  1. Dont go for telcel, im from here in Guadalajara, check at&t and movistar plans, they are more honest

  2. I use movistar and i pay $100 pesos every 25 or 26 days and i get unlimited minutes and text to mex,us and canada plus unlimited social media but i only get like 1 gb data and ive never had any coverage problems since they use the same anthenas as telcel.

  3. Hi, if you want to save on cinema ticket prices you should get the cinepolis app and buy them 3 days before you're Goin to the movies and you'll save 50% off sometimes

  4. Just one suggestion, when you mention costs of living, could you pls also mention how it compares with your hometown. I’m from some other place in Mexico (mty), but I live in the Netherlands and a lot of people ask me if Mexico is cheaper but I really don’t have any reference. Keep it up, I think you are doing an awesome job!

  5. Telcel it's in the end expensive, yes it has good reception but if you are no travel outside Jalisco the best option it's at&t.

  6. Since you guys are going to have to change to a mexican carrier. I really recommend AT&T(nextel)my plan is around 500 pesos p/month no contract with 5gb per month includes unlimited social media like insta, twitter,snap,uber and unlimited calls and text, plus you can use it in the us for as much time as you want. I am currently in texas for uni and is what I have been using for around a year now.

  7. None of mexican cellphones companies offer unlimited plans. You can go about with the 200 or 300 pesos telcel plan, the only thing you can't really afford to do with a data plan is to watch youtube videos

  8. Hey guys. We canceled our U.S. auto insurance once we crossed the border. We had to go back to TX last week to renew our visas and just paid for the first month on a 6 month policy with Progressive, then canceled again when we came back to MX with no issue. We have Mexico auto insurance through Lewis and Lewis (who I'm not a huge fan of). Where did you read that we still needed U.S. coverage? What MX insurance company do you use? We are hoping to register here soon. After three trips, we don't want to make a 4,000 mile drive ever again!

  9. I miss our T-mobile service. We are on Telcel now. I always forget to connect to wifi and I run out of data real fast. It's not my favorite service, but it works. We also had to tell our friends and family two different variations of our new Mexican phone numbers – one for texting and one for calling.

  10. You should get a AT&T plan. They have month to month plans for like 200 pesos and it's unlimited text and talk and like 1gb of data. You can pay more for more data 🙂 I think it's a better value than Telcel

  11. I love your videos guys. Keep it up. I work in Telcel, i recomend You guys get the $399 plan, it has unlimited texts and calls, 3000 MB for internet and social media Is unlimited too. Saludos desde chihuahua!

  12. hi, Great video with excellent content. I have a question: What mail forwarding service do you use? Thanks I "liked" subscribed and belled! P.S. dog your awesome:-)

  13. It would probably be easier to get a metro pcs sim card. cheaper plans (but still part of the tmobile network) and calls to and from Mexico are only 5$ per month

  14. I used to use Telcel $7 dollars at month
    I like yours videos, given the true about México and not the stereo type.

  15. Easy:

    In Mexico, for a prepaid cellphone line the best is Movistar and AT&T. But there’s a carrier called Unefon, owned by AT&T who gives unlimited data (fully unlimited high speed data for 1 moth for 300 pesos + unlimited texting and voice, also international calls unlimited)

    For a contract one: AT&T or Telcel

    AT&T has the best signal quality, their LTE signal is the best

    But Telcel LTE has the best coverage in all the country (perfect if you’re planning on hitting the road and visit small cities and pueblos that normally only have Telcel service)

    I would say that, unless you’re traveling to a small community, to pueblos or very rural areas, pick AT&T. If you want coverage and don’t mind to have slow or poor signal sometimes but be able to have service in remote areas, pick Telcel

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