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  1. Most impressive Jacob, but I think you should have to eat the grizzle. I once watched Chet Ripley put down the Old 96er, grizzle and all, at Paul Bunyon's. Came with a free meal for everyone in the party and a T shirt once completed. Roman negotiated some Paul Bunyon hats for the kids once he got the grizzle down.

  2. Hey jacob! Ate like a pig found jebus and kissed some place that 10 000 people probably kissed eewwww kinda day

  3. I can't believe you did it! WOW! I will admit I did not think you would do it. I thought to myself 'OOOOH Jacob I hope you are ready to lose $72, buddy!' but you proved me wrong! Way to go!

  4. You are a beast!! I'm a big guy but no way I'd even attempt that steak… then go on to vlog the rest of the day. Bravo!

  5. Congratulations Carpetbagger! I been to that restaurant back in the late 80's. Didn't do the 72oz steak challenge, just had a hamburger meal. Great place to eat and visit. You should do a video at another restaurant called The Great Ex-Stake! LOL. I bet after eating all that 72oz steak you should be able to go about a week without eating, you reckon? 🙂
    Best regards!

  6. That looked so easy for you, I was expecting you to ask for the dessert menu! Congrats. And your comment to the big cow outside the restaurant? Hysterical!

  7. Day 6. That looked like a fun day. I would not be able to eat as much food as you did. I usually would just eat the salad. Anyway. The statues of Jesus were very nice. I’m glad you are having a great time. Have fun and be who you are. ❤️


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