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  1. So nobody’s gonna talk about the fact that eating these for brunch every weekend could give you a heart attack?

  2. i made the molten cinnamon roll recipe before, however the cinnamon rolls i used broke apart easily. so my mom and i had to make do with the rolls looking weird. at least it tasted good.

  3. Tasty in a nutshell
    How to make pizza
    1) pre heat oven
    2) get a bunch of seasoning for no reason

    3) order 2 large pizzas with extra cheese from your local pizzeria

  4. They dont want you to bake. They dont want cream cheese. They dont want sugar. They dont want bacon. Big news people. You dont eat this every day. And new findings state sugar is the cause of major diseases not fat. Fat is needed for the brain and health. Cholesterol is made by the body and is not bad for you. Another new finding. It's sugar that is the poison and should be eaten sparingly and now and then. Not put in every food and drink we buy.

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