How expensive is Guadalajara, Mexico? Can you eat three meals a day for under $10 USD in Guadalajara? Is it expensive to live in Guadalajara? Before visiting the city, we had these questions too. That’s why we took on the challenge to see if we could feed ourselves for an entire day on just 185 pesos (the current exchange rate). See if we could do it as we explore the cost of living in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We use this camera to shoot all of our videos:

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  1. Antojitos means appetizers. I love sopes but they look much better than those but it probably had something to do with being from the appetizer menu. Really enjoying your videos. Never been to Guadalajara but looks like a cool city

  2. Nice backround music.Thanks. Those cockroaches are called Palmetto bugs, here in SC,they like to live outside (thank GOD).

  3. I'm gonna disagree with Guillermo, Antojitos are not appetizers because an appetizer is a small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal and antojitos come from the verb "antojar" or to crave so they are cravings and it's because is food that as a Mexican you wouldn't eat every single day, they are sopes, gorditas, quesadillas and a whole lot more and there's not one recipe so everyone will have their own twist so i suggest don't quit eating them just because you had some you didn't like.

  4. Yessss! I am here also. haha. I definitely feel you should do it again in the two places you mentioned. It helps. I guess it would be more expensive in eateries like you rightly pointed out, and doing the streets like you did, help you connect even more with people and know few more things about the place. Kinda love your choice of meals today. Oh! i could take fruits all day. Hahaha.

  5. As an FYI, since you asked, it's actually illegal to drink alcohol in the streets of Mexico, although many tourists do it. Loving the videos, and can't wait to move to Mexico in October, and try the $10/day food challenge with my hubby!

  6. If you really want to eat delicious traditional mexican food go to "Merendero El Tapatío" they have amazing food at a very affordable price. It is close to Expo Guadalajara, the biggest convention center in the city or two blocks away from the Hilton. You won't regret it.

  7. Hello friends soy nuevo en su canal, es un buen canal y ojala me respondan, estoy dispuesto ayudar con el español si desean aprenderlo bien.

  8. There's almost no Americanized Mexican food in Mexico. But there are plenty of Mexicanized American dishes under the pseudo Mexican names southwestern and tex-mex. why can't the USA just name and recognize Mexican style burgers, hot dogs, sushi, etc? On another topic, please don't go inside the fountains. you can get hurt and It is a bad example for kids.

  9. Se que hablas español… Q padre que viajen y conozcan y eso de los 50 pesos pero no es lo generalizado, pero hay cosas muy baratas que igual hay ganancia pero no abusar como en las vegas

  10. Guys, Karnes Garibaldi, carne en su jugo (world record guiness of fastest sevice), Birria en birreria las 9 esquinas, both in downtown. And visit Chapala, Tequila, Mazmitla, Puerto Vallarta, Tlaquepaque and Tonala. If you want to see the modern side of the city go to Andares and Galerias. If you have nothing to do, visit zoologico Guadalajara and Acuario Michin. Yes the city is spread but the important places are concentred, outsides are just houses. And bring Alaska with you.

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