No travel guide will tell you this but we think you should know about it. Please, guys, think about your trip once again..
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Honest Prague Guide is your best guide for Prague 🙂 We only show you what we as locals like and what we think you should see in Prague. There’s a ton of cool things to do in Prague as well as cool places. We’ll show you around 🙂 And we hope you’ll come and will visit the Czech Republic and will have an amazing time!

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  1. Am in Prague this very minute, about 92% due to this video channel.  Thanks Honest Guide, and thanks Prague!  Lovely place, lovely people.  Don't let Winter scare you.  If that's when you can travel, go for it.  Did the Taste of Prague tour because of this channel, as well, and highly recommend that (along with everything else these guys tell you!).  Sadly, the main branch of the National Museum is closed at present (January '18), and the Mucha epic seems to have been returned to Moravia (mega-bummer!), but there were many other works of art on display at the New Building of the National Museum and the Veletržní palac.  Protip: If there is a Rage Against the Machine concert, the custom is to go and burn your tickets home during the show and never leave.  Unfortunately, they weren't playing while I was in town.

  2. Visited Prague last Oct 2017 with friends and your videos were a great help. Prague is beautiful. We loved the foods too!

  3. I was there last year and my girlfriend and I enjoyed it greatly. Trying to study the language to a more confident level before going back.

  4. Jsi čech nebo američan ? 😀 já to nějak nemůžu poznat protože mluvíš úžasně, plynně anglicky ale máš český méno 😀

  5. i'm going to Prague in a couple of weeks, this is great work you are doing! How bout 'How to change money and not get cheated' ?

  6. Not so true… like the water, well depends where, somewhere you can even get it for free. the weather, well due to global warming the winter does not usually look like that in Prague, and there are lots of days with nice weather. The food is SO NOT TRUE, like mcdonalds is worse, plus theres a mcdonalds, kfc, starbucks at every corner in Prague, and our local food is yummy, and by the way we eat it and most of us arent fat… Uhm… i think Disneyland copied us, cause it was built later… and yeah sorry for destroying some of your reasons why not to :D, btw GREAT VIDEO 😀 😛

  7. Me and my girlfriend saw your video and you didn't convince us! So we will be coming in February (14-21) We would like to thank you guys for making These amazing videos! If you want and have the time we would love to treat u for a drink at a bar you would recommend. Hope to get a reaction, if not; Still thank you from the bottom of our heart for the amazing videos you've made. – Josh & Femke

  8. Hey you faggot…u know nothing….I'm not surprised now that most of Us are mainly xenophobic cause people like you…Budweiser beer first came from Czech republic and the USA maked copy like a second one…Ohh people like you…Come on is that serious? You really kidding….

  9. Ty vole Řezník mele menší hovna jak ty a to nemusíš ani nadávat…nevím z které prdele tě vyhrabali, žiju už tři roky v UK a víš piču co je shit…Ty si asi američan co? To by sedělo na takovou demenci…..S takovýma kecama tě asi brzo někde zakope taxi mafie…Beware of Czech or they will knock you down you twat….

  10. I literally love your videos! My boyfriend lives in Prague, when I go there I usually go around alone while he's working and last time I had no idea what to do! Now I have an amazing list of experiences and places for pictures to check for next time. Thank you!

  11. Fuck czech. Only Ugly, fraud people, and they don’t wanna to speak English at all. I wil NEVER EVER visit it again. Only good thing in czech is Snezka.

  12. 1) Unless we are the people making money off of you, we don't want your rental market-ruining Airbnb-ing, your alcoholic stag parties, or your oversexualisation of the local women here; and even the people making money on tourists won't actually like you.

  13. prague is the best city i've visited in all of europe and i'm definitely coming back! next time stay for a few weeks longer tho.

  14. Janek I really like you and your videos I live in Prague since September and I love the city but you said just a little lie….WEATHER is awful 😛 I saw the sun today for the first time since 09.01 and still it was cloudy. So ofc we love Česko BUT weather is still awful like in the whole central and northern Europe 😛

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