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My Toronto travel guide features many hidden secrets and less known places like the Cheltenham Badlands, Little Tokyo, the Dollhouse, Rec Room, Kukum Kitchen and Toronto nightlife tips.

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Sadly, there are too many boring travel guides for Toronto, that’s why I dug deep into this city to find the best hidden spots in the largest city of Canada.

My favorite districts are easily located in close proximity; Chinatown, Kensington Market, the Waterfront and the new Little Tokyo district for its delicious Japanese dishes, treats and first Uniqlo store.

Toronto can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing but luckily there are some FREE things to do as well, like hanging out at the RecRoom, Graffiti alley, Sunnyside Pavilion and FREE beer from the Steam Whistle Brewery or drive out of town for the FREE sites at Cheltenham Badlands and Scarborough Bluffs.

I personally recommend going all out because there are so many awesome things to do, do not cheap out, saving up a few extra months will be worth every penny in the end. A rough budget for 5 awesome days in Toronto for 1-person would be around $400 airbnb/hotel and $600 for transit, shopping, food, events, museums & parties = around $1000.

The first thing you have to remember about Toronto is that distances are a lot further than what you may be used to in Europe or Asia, streets and blocks are very large. Everything is very spread out in this massive metropolitan city so try to at least visit a few new districts every day.

My recommendations for a daily itinerary include Annex, Koreatown, Queen Street, Chinatown, Kensington Market and Entertainment district on day 1. Waterfront, Toronto Islands, Yonge Street & Leslieville on day 2 and the outskirts Caledon (Badlands) & Scarborough (Beach) on day 3.

My favorite way to explore Toronto is by jogging, you’ll be surprised as to what you may find. Many of these photos were taken at places I randomly ran into, places you will never see on a guided tour.

After dinner at The Dime (where dishes are $5 each) you’ll be energized to explore the massive Toronto nightlife. I recommend nightclubs Rebel, Coda or Uniun for some fist pumping and RecRoom, Belfast Love and Tilt for a few drinks but remember the nightlife in Toronto ends very early, the bar closes at 2:00am thus making the nightlife often feel very rushed since most people party extremely hard between 12am and 2am, definitely a down side of the city.

I would love to know if my YouTube video was helpful and if so, please leave a comment below and let me know which place seems most interesting to you? Or let me know if you want more information about a specific place I mentioned.

Have a safe journey!

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  1. A couple other great places in downtown for drinks check out Cactus and Kraft Beer – you can thank me later!

  2. You need deep pockets to have a good time, after a while, you'll be sick of all the stupid bouncers and bar staff.

  3. To add some of the downsides of Toronto….The constant delays/break downs on public transit, the evening rush hour, the mass homelessness, The not infrequent shootings down-town especially during the summer-time, the rampant real-estate speculation that has made it impossible for non-rich people to live here, the many many areas that are blighted with vacant businesses. I live downtown and many areas are half-abandoned. Also cycling can be vary dangerous and many people are killed on bikes or run-over just crossing the road.

  4. Good video but extremely misleading title. This is more of "things to do in Toronto" more than secret places…

  5. This is the best review I've seen…very specific packed with many activities and the things the locals enjoy. Awesome! Thank you!

  6. Toronto is a disgusting city with bums and faggots everywhere. It smells, it's dirty and the traffic is ridiculous. That's why I moved my company to Vaughan.

  7. starspray beach, woodbine beach, high park, nathan philips square, escape rooms, all the new immigrants should visit these places too:)

  8. Great video ! I love TO — it’s a 2nd Home to me ( in my heart ). I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, but I’ll take the times I can get ! I love the places you showed where I’ve been to : Kensington mrkt, Thompson hotel, water front, distillery district & more. Love them ! Annnnd wow thx 4 telling me about the $5 meals & the helicopter ride, & more. Ahhh I can’t wait to return in August. It’s late June now & I have not been since last October. Soooon hopefully !

  9. This is awesome. I lived in Toronto all my life and I haven’t heard half of he stuff on here. Well I made a list and ready to try all of them especially the dime

  10. I am born and raised the in Toronto. Toronto is super expensive place to live now. There's a lot do but u GOTTA be rich.

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