Now that we’ve learned how to make a pizza in 5 minutes there’s no going back. This is what lunch we’re having every day for the foreseeable future. Maybe we’ll alternate making the cheats 20 minute pizza and traditional 1 hour pizza for dinner everyday too. That’s not too much pizza…right?

Here’s how to make them at home!

5 minute Pizza:
20 minute Pizza:
1 hour Pizza:

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  1. Normally one can tell when there might be some solid Bennuendos in a video. Such as when there is something to do with sausage or creaming, ect. But this was pizza. Pizza is fairly mundane, at least in terms of sexual innuendos. But man did Ben have some good ones in this video. I was caught off guard a few times and literally almost spit out what I was drinking. I love Bennuendos. It's still so unbelievable that he doesn't even know he's doing them. Even after almost 10 years on youtube. Still amazing.

  2. I actually figured out the tortilla one last year and now that it's being done I feel like a chef, I figured it out by there not being a lot of food left and I was like sure I'll give this a go

  3. Besides look at great pizza My favourite scene in this video was the little boop /shush thing that James did to Jamie when about to start the pizza tasting. It was so precious.

  4. Pizza dough in one hour? Maybe only in the uk. My pizza dough takes 72 hours. But yo think also thin guiness is a beer and not a horse pee, and fish and ships is a food and not trash.

  5. I made pizza bagels? out of croissant dough the other day because it was the only dough left in the house lol, oddly enough wasn't too shabby.

  6. If it was me doing this video(which will never happen) I would use pita bread as the quickest one(always did this as a kid), dough made with baking powder as the second one and an overnight risen dough for the third one, probably with a bit of dried thyme or oregano

  7. Ben has totally lost it and I'm very happy about it. Also very specific about keeping yeast and sugar together and salt separate…. but then it's all mixed together! Science?

  8. Lol they aren’t all from scratch literally in the first one is on a pre made tortilla and they say the second is a pre made base. Idk why they’re claiming they’re all made from scratch

  9. Why add sugar to the tomato sauce? If you want a sweet tomato sauce, brown some onions instead. You'd get a deeper flavor that's more complex, instead of just sweetened with sugar. Plus, adding sugar to recipe is great way to start down the road to diabetes. Instead of pizza stone, use a baking steel. It works way better than thin pizza stones.

  10. I'd love to see you make a similar video but with gluten free ingredients and 3 different crust types thin, classic, and a deep dish in addition to the complexity changes.

  11. Protip for the tortilla pizza: you can cook it in a pan and it's quicker and less energy consumptive than an oven, but gets the same crispiness. It is a bit easier to burn, though, so keep checking the underside.

    And I'm with Jamie on the fruit thing — as well as pineapples and peppers which he mentioned, olives and tomatoes are common fruit pizza toppings.


    (this is the second one of their videos i've seen and i didn't notice the ties before now)

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