Campfire preparation of a $260 Japanese Kobe Beef Ribeye Steak (A5, BMS 8 -12), the most expensive steak in the world. It will be getting 3 minutes of high heat on each side. A bit of salt and pepper after the cooking process.


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  1. "Campfire Food" will be continued in 8 months (around May 2018). The Scottish Highlands and the Norwegian Fjords come to mind. I am open for video projects with  local huntsmen (catching savage beasts), elves, maidens, gordons, vampires (all preparing food), and of course dancers – in the name of food porn, in the name of love.

  2. I'm so used to watch this kind of beef being prepared Japanese style that it's a bit weird to watch it being cooked like this.

  3. What a shame to completely over cook a fine piece of meat like that… I love your videos usually spot perfect, you screwed this one up… overcooked Kobe beef? Should be against the law… seared rare ONLY

  4. А что со звуком?? И куда в конце исчезает говядина?? Хоть бы почавкали для приличия.

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