A quick tour through a supermarket in La Gaulette in the south of Mauritius. At the time of filming $1 = MUR33
This supermarket was well stocked with food and general merchandise although still small compared to another supermarket 15min away in Black River which had a huge selection of fresh produce. Generally, you’re better off buying fruit and vegetables from roadside stalls but make sure you have an idea of prices before you buy. We spent around 3 weeks in Mauritius – if you have any questions let me know.

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  1. u shud check big supermarket price are cheaper than these small supermarket! am a mauritian! the onion flower is used to make rougail with salted fish(mauritian food)

  2. What a Bargain, it costs about 5 times more for anything in the Seychelles……in fact, a side plate of chips on the Seychelles cost 90 Rps…..about 4 GPB's, and it wasn't a big side plate …..

  3. Very expensive country no Mrp on each product the local shops topup their share as well grocery not of good quality, end up paying more for it. Don't know how local people manage, beautiful place though…

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